Tri-Council Community Resolution

Miami University
Interfraternity Council
National Panhellenic Council
Panhellenic Association
550 E. Spring St. Oxford, OH 45056

Resolution Regarding Unrecognized Organizations: Fraternity & Sorority Governing Councils Unanimously Pass Community Agreement

Oxford, Ohio – The Interfraternity Council (IFC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and Panhellenic Association (PA), governing councils of the Fraternity & Sorority Community at Miami University, have voted to approve a community resolution regarding association with unrecognized Greek letter organizations on campus.

On behalf of the member organizations of the Panhellenic Association, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Interfraternity Council at Miami University, we hereby adopt the following resolution, effective immediately:

As a community, we will not recognize any Greek letter organization that is not affiliated with our three governing councils or that has lost its recognition from the University. Furthermore, our community membership will not associate, support, condone, or act in conjunction with any Greek letter organization that is no longer recognized.

This agreement stands for any organizations that have lost or may lose recognition by IFC, NPHC, PA, and/or Miami University. As a community, from here on, we will support once another across our councils and work to preserve the tradition, values, and future of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Miami University.

After the revocation of recognition of three fraternity chapters in the spring of 2015, the governing councils have unanimously agreed on this a resolution that supports the traditions, opportunities, and values that Fraternity and Sorority Life provides at Miami University.

Each council met to discuss this resolution separately before voting to approve it. Conversations focused on how members of each council can support those who maintain recognition and continuously work to add value to the community. In addition, conversations were had on how members can help their chapters learn from those who have lost recognition in the past and work to change the culture within the community. These proactive conversations have occurred with the intention of holding chapters accountable and supporting the future development of our community.

The University and councils will re-visit recognition of the chapters that have been removed – more information regarding individual removals and timelines of return is available on the Organization Judicial History page. Each organization’s return is contingent upon the behavior of individual members during this time period.

Additionally, it is important to note that individuals who choose to join unrecognized Greek letter organizations are subjecting themselves to unsanctioned actions and events that the Tri-Council governance strongly discourages and does not support.