Love and Honor Story Project Honors Josie Pucel

Josie PucelDescribed by her peers as a “person with a plan,” senior Josie Pucel embodies the phrase “I am Miami." Pucel, nominated for exemplifying the Code of Love and Honor in all she does, is the recipient of the February Love and Honor Story Project. Along with serving as Chair of the Armstrong Student Center Board, Josie is most recognized on campus as a Head SEAL Ambassador.

Pucel's story begins in her first year of college. She decided to attend Miami University without having stepped a foot on campus until orientation. She was ‘overwhelmed’ when she arrived on campus, as the first person in her family to attend college.

Pucel’s nominator Amitoj Kaur emphasized Josie's resilience. Transitioning to college as a first-generation student is not easy. “Josie brought her GPA from a 2.7 to being on the Dean’s List, all while serving Miami University tirelessly as Head SEAL”. In her interview, Pucel mentioned that she is most proud of learning how to balance life at Miami despite hardships.

On top of succeeding academically, Pucel has served the Miami community in big and small ways. As Head SEAL ambassador, Pucel ensures that student organizations on campus have the resources they need to flourish. In 2019, Pucel co-organized Miami’s Mega Fair, a gathering of hundreds of students organizations across campus. With over 6,000 students in attendance that year, she managed to plan the event without ever having experienced it herself. Pucel reflected on a specific memory where JS Bragg (her mentor) led her to the top of the Recreation Center stairs so she could take in and appreciate the success resulting from all the hard work she put into planning the event. Pucel said this was a breathtaking moment and something she will never forget.

Pucel’s integrity and selflessness do not end there. In her nomination, Amitoj Kaur was quick to point out how Pucel demonstrates the Code of Love and Honor beyond Miami’s campus. “Josie is motivated by her passion to better the world around her. I see this when she picks up trash left on the sidewalks of Uptown.”

Pucel genuinely cares about the world and people around her and this is what motivates her to wake up every morning. Pucel wants students to know that "we are all in this together" and that there are people who want to help you succeed while you are at Miami.