Gathering Spaces for Inclusion

To gather is to be in community with others. The Division of Student Life’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Team has identified a few student gathering spaces that staff, faculty, and students should know. Acknowledging spaces of community for others allows us all to support campus-wide inclusion.

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion. students in armchairs and laptops, eating lunch in the space. Vibrant paintings and posters are on the wall.

CSDI (2030)

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion’s (CSDI's) main space, 2030, is given life through the lounge space dedicated to students who want to come in and be themselves with the freedom to study, read, socialize, and build community with people who share the same or similar identities.

Administrative offices for Intercultural Initiatives, Women’s Initiatives, and LGBTQ+ Initiatives are also included in this suite. 

Large space with several armchairs, couches, and tables set up for individual and group gatherings.

CSDI C-Suite Lounge Space (3032)

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion's C-Suite 3032 is another lounge space that our students have the ability to utilize during the Armstrong operating hours. This is also a great space for small-medium scale programming for student organizations. The space could be used for group meetings, studying, programming, or just a social space to hang with friends. This space can be reserved by groups by contacting the CSDI.

Meeting room with a flat screen tv on the wall, a large wooden table in the center, and 7 chairs around the able.

CSDI Conference Room (3033)

The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion's conference room 3033 is a small quiet space nestled on the third floor of the Armstrong Student Center. This space is ideal for small group meetings of students or student organization executive boards.This space can be reserved by groups by contacting the CSDI.

Room with armchairs and attached moveable trays, desks, and computers. The walls are lined with strings of international flags. A sign reads Welcome International students.

International Student Center

The International Student Center (ISC), located in MacMillan Hall 017, is a hub of resources and support for the international student and scholar community and a collaborative platform for all members of the student, campus, and local community to develop, engage, and connect with each other. The ISC offers a welcoming space to meet, study, hang out and participate in a wide range of programs, events, workshops, activities, and more throughout the year. Come enjoy snacks and drinks generously donated by international student alumni.

Check to the ISC webpage to see ongoing and upcoming events, complete the form to request the ISC space, or receive ISC support in launching a new initiative, event or program.

Colorful room with hardwood floors, comfortable couches, a bean bag chair, and wooden table and bench. Walls are decorated with illustrations, graphics, and t-shirts related to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

Myaamia Center 

The Myaamia student room in Bonham House, a space designed by and for Myaamia students, is intended to meet the needs of all the students in the Myaamia Heritage Program. Whether it is a place to eat lunch between classes, study, print notes, or take a nap, Myaamia students are free to use the student room (made home with coffee, tea, art, couches, and printing) anytime that the Myaamia Center is open.

Open room with blue walls, three large windows, and 4 armchairs with coffee tables between them.

Ford Meditation Room

The Ford Meditation and Reflection Room is a place for quiet contemplation, meditation, reflection, or prayer. The Ford Meditation and Reflection Room in the Armstrong Student Center may be reserved for small events which reflect the purpose of the space (meditation, reflection and facilitating student search for meaning). Due to space limitations and available amenities, setup options may be limited. Contact the Armstrong Student Center to request use of this space. Review additional space policies.