Love and Honor Story Project Honors Jules Loeffler

Jules Loeffler

Leading multiple organizations throughout college can be difficult, but October Love and Honor Story Project recipient senior Jules Loeffler makes it look easy. Described as “kind and supportive to everyone in small ways on a daily basis,” Loeffler exemplifies Love and Honor through her involvement, leadership, and dedication to others.

Loeffler is involved in many organizations throughout campus, almost too many to keep track of. Not only is she a double major in social work and psychology, but she is also the president of three different organizations: League of Geeks, MU Meeples, and Miami Mouse Club. She works as a SEAL Ambassador and interns at Ridgeway Elementary, working with underprivileged students. It may seem like too much to be involved in, but nominator David Gudin emphasized Loeffler’s drive to “really get involved with the organizations she works with, getting to know them and helping as much as she can.” 

When asked about her passions, Loeffler emphasized inclusivity. As an autistic leader, she spoke about how she and other neurodivergent people can struggle to see themselves in leadership positions. It’s important to her to be an openly autistic leader to represent and support the autistic community. 

Loeffler is inspired to be inclusive to others due to her own experiences and she tries to provide a safe space for others as well. She values the trust people put in her as a leader. One of the main ways she embodies Love and Honor is how she strives to “make this really big place feel like home” to others, something that she puts into practice in each of her organizations. 

Loeffler’s work at Ridgeway further demonstrates her desire to create positive change in the world. At Ridgeway, she assists the family and student support analyst by offering emotional support to kids in distress and promoting leadership skills in older students. Through this internship, she discovered that her passion is working with kids, but she also learned the importance and dangers of labels.  “[Children] are really receptive to labels,” she said. In many ways, this can turn out to be damaging in the long run. She warns against getting caught up in labels, because people are more than what they are labeled to be. 

Loeffler has made a difference at Miami, and will continue to make an impact following her graduation this May. She inspires not only her peers, but also a new generation of students to follow.

The Love and Honor Story Project is a platform for students to recognize and honor students enacting the values articulated in the Code of Love and Honor. If you know someone who exemplifies the Code of Love and Honor through their extraordinary care for their community, nominate them to be recognized!

To nominate someone, visit the Office of the Dean of Students' website and complete a brief nomination form.