Expect Respect

Expect Respect seeks to create a unified community where all members of the Miami community treat one another with dignity and respect. Our choices, actions, behaviors, words and attitudes matter. Together, we can create and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment where all members of the Miami community can live, learn, work and thrive – with all of our differences.

Office of Admissions Staff. Expect Respect is Embracing differences. A community who honors the dignity of each person.
 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  Expect Respect is Agree to Disagree. Even when you strongly disagree with someone’s viewpoint, try to remain composed and have a civil discussion. You may never agree with them or change their mind. That’s OK. You don’t have to like a person or their ideas in order to treat them respectfully.
Three members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Expect Respect is to take notice of. To listen, understand, and feel for those similar to and different than you.
 Members of Associated Student Government DEI Committee. Expect Respect is honoring, celebrating, and extending support for all communities and cultures.
 Greg and Renate Crawford. Sharing ideas. Welcoming a diversity of people, ideas, and experiences.
 Dean's Advisory Board. Expect respect is Listening to understand, being open to growth, and learning from others.
 Members of Sexual assault  survivor support(SASS). Expect Respect is Actively listening and uplifting experiences outside of your own. Change should be uncomfortable.
 Staff from Office of the Dean of Students. Expect respect is Agree to Disagree. Even when you strongly disagree with someone’s viewpoint, try to remain composed and have a civil discussion. You may never agree with them or change their mind. That’s OK. You don’t have to like a person or their ideas in order to treat them respectfully.
 Brothers from Beta Theta Pi. Expect Respect is Asking others to share. Encouraging others to share their perspective with you.
Staff of Residence Life. Expect respect is Acknowledging and appreciating what makes others different while reaching out to find common ground.
members of Chi Omega. Expect respect is Creating a safe space. Maintaining an environment where individuals feel comfortable in their identity to be vulnerable and build connection.
 Staff from the Center for Career Exploration and Success. Expect respect is Transformational . Use your unique skills, talents, and opportunities to shape an equitable workplace.
 Staff from Enrollment management and student success. Expect respect is Fostering a culture of collaboration, service, support, and success.
 Staff from Student financial assistance. Expect respect is Sharing Your Perspective. Let others know how you feel, share your ideas, and experiences without diminishing others feelings, ideas, and experiences.
 Staff from International student and scholar services. Expect Respect is Reframing your point of view. Miami has students from big cities, small towns, all 50 states and more than 60 countries; appreciate new-to-you perspectives or Celebrate differences.
 Two staff members from the graduate school. Expect respect is Inclusion. Making an effort to make connections with others – especially if they are different from you.
 Members of Gamma Phi beta. Expect Respect is Listening with open minds, judgement free. Striving to learn from others lived experiences.
 Staff from IT Services. Expect Respect is Everyone is different - and we embrace that difference. Join us in celebrating the difference in all of us!
 Staff from One Stop. Expect Respect is Empathy for all situations. The journey might not be easy, but we can do it together.
 Brothers from Sigma Chi. Expect Respect is If you want to be heard, start by listening.
 Staff from Student Success Center. Expect respect is Being open-minded. Take advantage of your time at Miami and explore who you really are
 Two sisters from Zeta Tau Alpha. Expect Respect is Finding and making opportunities to diversify our perspective and to be true to those within and without our circle.
 Staff from Center for Student Disability Services. Expect respect is Ensuring access for all. Celebrating disability as diversity.
 HawkS peer health educators. Expect respect is Believing in the tenets of Love and Honor that  require us to act in ways that respect all persons while honoring their opinions, values, and identities. Our HAWKS mission commits us to respecting others' inherent worth and dignity. We demonstrate respect by intentionally listening with an open mind and acknowledging the value of another person without preconceptions. If we expect respect from others, we must first be willing to pay forward the empathy and dignity that others deserve.
 Two staff members from Center for Student Diversity and inclusion . Expect respect is Allyship. Allyship is a journey, not a destination. Commit to learning from mistakes and always striving to be better.
 Office of Community Standards. Expect Respect is Taking accountability for your actions and seeking to repair harm.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with the Expect Respect campaign. You can: 

  • Receive and wear an Expect Respect t-shirt
  • Request an Expect Respect training for your organization or department
  • Engage in an educational conversation with the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Sign up your organization or department for the next poster campaign

Get Involved with Expect Respect