Thank you so much for your interest in the Student Orientation Undergraduate Leader (SOUL) position. Before applying, please be sure to have read the following information:

Our goal throughout the SOUL application and selection process is to learn about you and your unique qualities so that we can select a team that best represents the Miami community and values. Please consider this goal as you complete the SOUL application. The application includes the following questions:

  • What motivates you to apply for the SOUL position? What are you hoping to gain? What characteristics and experiences make you unique?
  • Describe a significant learning experience that has challenged you. How would you apply the knowledge gained from this experience to being a SOUL?
  • Miami University, the Office of Orientation and Transition Programs, and the SOUL program value diversity and inclusion. What do the terms diversity and inclusion mean to you? Please be specific and share a story that exemplifies these words.
  • The theme of SOUL recruitment this year is Rock and SOUL. Rock and SOUL is not simply an aesthetically pleasing marketing idea, but rather a representation of what we are trying to accomplish. Similar to an ensemble, being on a team of any kind requires every member to know their part, and know it well. It requires dedication, focus, care, and an immense reliance on teamwork. We want to have a united team, finding clear purpose in the what and the why. Consider the SOUL recruitment theme and our overall goal through the recruitment process: getting to know you in the most authentic way possible. If you were to have a theme song for your life, what would it be? Share a brief paragraph explaining why you chose that song.
  • How did you learn about the SOUL program (e.g. word of mouth, posters, social media, etc.)

Please thoughtfully and thoroughly consider each question. We highly recommend working on your application via Word or Google document before you submit it via our online form.

Additionally, your application will ask you upload your most recent resume and list two references. These references will be asked to fill out a recommendation form on your behalf by the deadline which you are applying. References may fill out recommendation forms ahead of you submitting your application.

Apply for the SOUL Position