MADE@Miami is a two-day experience for first-year students who are ready to make the most out of Miami.

MADE@Miami is designed to help you get the most out of your Miami experience. We promote qualities valued by the university community—Mentoring, Achievement, Diversity, and Excellence. Additionally, MADE@Miami is open to all entering first-year undergraduate students, historically underrepresented populations or those who have a commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Students representing different ethnic/racial, sexual orientation and gender identity, and socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.  

  • Mentoring: Meet students, faculty, and staff who can guide you.
  • Achievement: Get resources to help you succeed academically.
  • Diversity: Learn about your fellow classmates and where you come from.
  • Excellence: Find out how to make the most of your time at Miami.

Meet other first-year students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Meet faculty and staff who will serve as informal mentors during the academic year. As a benefit to attending the MADE@Miami, you will be able to move into your residence hall (the same room you will have for the whole year) early. Commuter students are invited to join us as well!


Special Note: 

Hello MADE@Miami Participants & Families, 

We are excited to welcome each of you to Miami University for your first year. The MADE @ Miami experience is like none other as we showcase what it truly means to make it at Miami. Through building relationships, navigating the transition from high school to college and learning more about our self and fellow students, we are always proud to engage with incoming students during this unique pre-semester program. We know this is a trying time for many incoming first year students and families due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to maintain the safety of the participants and staff this year, the MADE@Miami experience will be moved to a completely virtual and full semester platform. Here are some things to note:

  1. The move-in dates that you received from Office Residence Life/Campus Services is your official move-date (unless otherwise notified). You no longer need to move in on the first day of MADE @ Miami on August 11th, 2020.
  2. MADE@Miami is being envisioned for a virtual and full semester mentoring experience. We realize that this new experience may no longer meet your needs. Please complete this form if you would like to still like to participate in MADE@Miami.
  3. If you have completed the form indicating you want to participate, we will then follow up with an email indicating your Peer Leader information and details for the semester.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are hopeful that our efforts to prioritize safety and well-being are showcased in this transition. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tyra Smith ( for further information. Thank you for the time, attention and consideration. 





Information on how to apply was sent to admitted students on May 1. To access the MADE@Miami application, you must log into your Applicant Status page. This is the same location you logged into to apply for Miami as well as see your Admission decision online.

Decisions on acceptance for the MADE @ Miami Pre-Semester program will take place in mid-July. You should expect to have ample information regarding acceptance, inclusive of details on move in at this point.

For additional information, contact Tyra Smith, Associate Director of the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion (CSDI) by calling 513-529-6511 or emailing

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