Transfer Student Checklist

Once you have confirmed your admission, use this list to make sure you're well-prepared for orientation and your transition to Miami. The first section contains required steps and the second section contains additional steps you may find helpful.

Required steps:

Enroll in Duo two-factor authentication

Students will be prompted to enroll in Duo automatically when accessing a Miami resource (including orientation registration) after confirming admission. If you have questions about Duo, see our IT Knowledge Base (, and/or our IT Services Duo guide (

The Duo Mobile app (iOS; Android) is the easiest way to complete two-factor authentications, which you'll do regularly throughout your career at Miami.

While you're setting up two-factor authentication, set password recovery options for your Miami password (click "I would like to update my recovery options").

Register for Orientation

Register for the first two parts of orientation: the orientation Canvas course and your real-time online orientation program. After completing the first part of your Canvas modules and attending a real-time orientation session, you will receive an email invitation to sign up for an academic advising and registration appointment.

Start checking your Miami email regularly

Check your Miami email regularly and set up your Miami email on your phone or mobile device. This is the official method of communication for most Miami updates and requirements, including communication about orientation.

Schedule a One Stop individual consultation (if needed)

Schedule an individual consultation with the One Stop if you have questions about finalizing your financial aid, tuition and billing, payment options, VA Benefits, FAFSA, or types of financial aid. Starting in mid-April, students and/or families will be able to schedule an individual consultation with the One Stop via phone or video chat. Students must first grant access to parents, family, or others before staff can discuss students' individual records. You can also contact the One Stop at or 513-529-0001.

Take the math placement test (if applicable)

Miami uses ACT or SAT math sub-scores to determine course placement in a number of academic areas (e.g. chemistry, computer science & software engineering, information systems & analytics, mathematics, physics, and statistics).

If you have not submitted an ACT/SAT test score to Miami, you should take the math placement test. Students with an ACT/SAT score from 2020 and earlier do not have to take the math placement test, but their placement into math and other courses with a score prerequisite will be based entirely on the score that is in the system and therefore will be invited to take the math placement test should you wish to do so. 

The test becomes available in May 2021 and must be completed at least week prior to a student's academic advising appointment at orientation. Your math placement test will inform the advising conversation and may impact course registration.

Students are expected to take the placement test seriously and honestly.  In May, students who need to take the placement test will receive an email invitation via their Miami account to an online course and will have one attempt to complete it.  The test is timed (90 minutes) and students may not use a calculator.  This test does not award academic credit.

Complete a foreign language placement test (if applicable)

Take your foreign language placement test (if applicable, see below), through the Interactive Language Resource Center. If you do not take your foreign language placement test at least five business days prior to your academic advising appointment, your course registration will likely be disrupted.

  • You are required to study a foreign language if: your major is in the College of Arts & Science, you are majoring in Teacher Education with a foreign language emphasis, or you have a major in the College of Creative Arts that requires a foreign language.
  • If you are planning (or required) to study a foreign language, you should take a placement test in every language you've previously studied - even if you are considering starting a new language.
  • Placement tests are taken on the Interactive Language Resource Center for French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Placement advice guides are available for: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese on the Interactive Language Resource Center website.
  • Students interested in continuing their study of American Sign Language should communicate with Speech Pathology & Audiology (call 513-529-2500 or email for placement information.
  • Tests are used for course placement and do not award academic credit.
  • Upon completion of each placement test, print or record your score for use during academic advising. 
  • If you have questions about the placement tests, please contact the advising office for the college of your major. College of Arts & Science: 513-529-3031; College of Creative Arts: 513-529-2209; College of Education, Health and Society: 513-529-6317; College of Engineering and Computing: 513-529-0700; Farmer School of Business: 513-529-1712.

Submit your immunization records

Visit Student Health Services to submit your information and learn more about accepted documentation. Students also receive instructions at your Miami email address. The deadline for completion is August 1, 2021.

Waive or enroll in University health insurance

Miami requires that all students are covered by health insurance. You may opt out (waive) if you have comparable insurance (usually through a family member). The opt out process opens June 1, 2021 and must be completed by August 2, 2021. Students who do not opt out will be automatically enrolled and billed for the coverage.

You must either waive or enroll in the Miami Student health plan every summer before the fall semester begins.

Upload a photo for your Miami student ID card

Students receive their ID card upon arrival to campus in August. We strongly suggest that you upload your own photo for your Miami student ID card. Lines for photos are long, so uploading your own photo saves you time. Contact the Campus Services Center at 513-529-5000 for ID card questions.

Sign up for Miami's emergency text-message alerts

Sign up for Omnilert, Miami's emergency text-messaging system. This option is for students only. The Omnilert system is not designed for family members.

Pay your fall bill

Pay your bill – it’s due in mid-August. If you have questions about bill payment, please contact the One Stop.

Order books for your fall classes

Order books for your fall classes through the Miami Campus Stores. Miami partners with Books by eCampus for textbook ordering through our Campus Stores. Find all the books for your classes easily, and order with confidence knowing you can return unused items up to 30 days after the first day of class. We recommend ordering books no later than one week prior to the start of the semester.

Additional items to consider or review:

Request disability-related accommodations

If you are a student with a disability, request course or campus life accommodations through the Miller Center for Student Disability Services. The Miller Center coordinates accommodations for students with physical, medical, psychological, neurological, learning disabilities, AD/HD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Register for services to receive accommodations. We recommend registering as soon as possible so accommodations can be coordinated in advance.

Register for RedHawk Refunds

RedHawk Refunds (direct deposit) is fast, free, and convenient. RedHawk Refunds gives you access to financial aid refunds, student account refunds, or other funds owed to you by Miami. The refund is electronically deposited into your bank account within 24 to 72 hours after processing. Signing up for RedHawk Refunds only takes a few minutes (make sure you have your bank information handy).

Learn about the Miami Student Laptop Program

Review the information about the Miami Student Laptop Program. The Miami Student Laptop Program means you'll have built-in campus support - including a loaner laptop -if your computer needs fixed. This can be a great graduation gift!

Explore options for majors and careers 

Nearly 1 in 5 college students change their majors, and many Miami students don't declare their major until after orientation. Use the Focus 2 online career and education planning tool (access code "redhawks") to find out more about majors and careers that fit best with your skills and interests.

If you have questions about any of these items, contact Orientation and Transition Programs at 513-529-9771 or