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The College of Creative Arts (CCA) prepares students for global engagement as practitioners, educators, creators, advocates, and patrons of the arts. On this page, you will learn about the requirements for CCA academic departments, Music Ensemble audition information, Miami University Marching Band, and advising for academic exploration in the College of Creative Arts.

Majoring in the Arts

If your student is interested in majoring in the College of Creative Arts, below is important information to know about the CCA academic departmental requirements and two other opportunities to engage with the arts. Click on the department name to jump to that department. Information about speaking with a College of Creative Arts advisor is directly below this list. When you've finished, return to the Family Orientation page to continue with the next section.

Advising for Academic Exploration

Would your student like to speak with an advisor about their interest in the College of Creative Arts? CCA advisors will be available every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:00 - 4:00 pm EST from May 27 to June 1 for “academic exploration” advising. Please note that these sessions do not count as academic advising for your student's current major. Registration links are on our Orientation Real Time page »

Department of Architecture and Interior Design

A portfolio is required for admission. Portfolios must be submitted via SlideRoom. Learn what should be in your student's Architecture and Interior Design portfolio in the video below.


Architecture is still accepting portfolios, but the Interior Design class is full for fall 2020. Note that the Architecture (ARC) and Interior Design (ID) programs are very closely linked here at Miami. In fact, the first-year curriculum is identical for both programs and ARC and ID students are together in their studios. We sometimes find students who think they want ID discover they actually are better suited to ARC. Your student should email Christie Lear (laingocl@MiamiOH.edu), the ARC+ID orientation advisor, if they are interested in learning more about these two majors.

Both Architecture and Interior Design can only be started in the fall semester. If your student cannot be admitted to ARC or ID this fall, they can start as a CCA undeclared major and work toward admission to ARC+ID via internal transfer in Fall 2021. Your student would submit a portfolio in Spring 2021 for admission the following fall. While this plan would require more than four years to complete their degree, consider this value-add proposition: your student can pursue a minor or co-major they may not ordinarily have time to pursue.

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Department of Art

A portfolio is required for admission to Studio Art, Art Education, and Communication Design. However, a portfolio is not required for Art & Architecture History. Learn what should be in your sudent's Art portfolio by viewing the video below.


If your student is not admitted to the selective-admission programs via portfolio review this spring or summer, they may still enter as a CCA undeclared major and work toward admission in a future semester. If seats are available in the first-year studio classes, we will work to place your student in courses that would start them down the path for these majors and help your student build a portfolio for admission.

If your student is interested in Communication Design, they will undergo a portfolio review and interview process in the spring semester of their first year. In order to participate in this review, your student must take a certain number of classes in either the fall or spring. Your student should email Ann Taulbee (taulbeae@MiamiOH.edu), the art orientation advisor, about these requirements.

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Department of Emerging Technology in Business + Design (ETBD)

No application is required to declare the Emerging Technology (ET) major during orientation or during your student's first semester, but after your student has completed a semester at Miami, they must apply for admission. Your student should talk with Dr. Eric Hodgson, the ETBD orientation advisor, if they want to add or learn more about the ET major.

The Games + Simulation major requires submission of a game concept document. You can read more about this requirement and how to apply on the ETBD Admission website. Your student should talk with Dr. Eric Hodgson (Eric.Hodgson@MiamiOH.edu) if they want to apply for or learn more about the Games major.

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Department of Music

All music majors require an application or audition. The Bachelor of Music in Music Composition, Music Education, Music Performance, and the Performance and Technology tracks of the BA in Music program require an audition. You can read about the audition requirements on the music department website. The Music in Culture track of the BA does not require an audition; instead, students submit a brief writing sample.

Your student should talk with Dr. Elizabeth Hoover (hovverea@MiamiOH.edu), the music orientation advisor, if they’re interested in auditioning, submitting a writing sample, or learning more about the courses and ensembles in the Department of Music.

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Department of Theatre

An audition/interview is required for admission to the Theatre major. Students must submit two different examples of creative work. These could be directly related to theatre (e.g., monologue, prompt book, set design) or be other creative endeavors (e.g., creative writing, a music composition, or a painting). You can read more about the audition/interview process on the theatre department website. Your student should talk with Marly Wooster (woostems@MiamiOH.edu), the theatre orientation advisor, if tehy’re interested in auditioning or learning more.

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Music Ensemble Auditions

Did you know that more than 10% of all Miami University students participate in a music ensemble or performing group? If your student is interested in auditioning for a music ensemble in the Department of Music, please view the Music Ensembles: 2020-21 Auditions.

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Miami University Marching Band

Is your student interested in joining the Miami University Marching Band (MUMB) (PDF, opens in new window)? This page is for you. The Miami University Marching Band (MUMB) is directed by Dr. Brooke Humfeld Johnson. Members of the MUMB come from every academic division and almost every major at the university; music majors represent less than 25% of the group. Membership is for all woodwind, brass, battery percussion, sideline percussion, colorguard, twirlers, and dance team. In addition to MUMB, your student may also be interested in the Miami University Shakerettes Dance Team (PDF, opens in new window).

Additional information and frequently asked questions are available in the Miami University Marching Band Campus Resources and Opportunities page »

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