Student Success Center


The Student Success Center (SSC), located in the Campus Avenue Building, focuses on advocacy, problem-solving, and retention. With the goal of increasing student persistence to graduation, the SSC can help your student untangle and resolve complex problems and provide assistance with navigating University policies and procedures.

Examples of the many ways in which the SSC can support your student's Miami experience include:

  • Providing a neutral place for your student to talk through cross-divisional questions and concerns, including academic options in all colleges and schools.
  • Helping your student create an action plan to resolve issues (personal, medical, academic, familial, or other) affecting your academic and/or social success.
  • Connecting your student to a variety of on-campus and off-campus resources.
  • Serving as a central point of contact for special student populations.

Committed to ensuring the success of every Miamian, the SSC serves as a resource for all students. Additionally, staff provide targeted outreach and assistance to a number of special student populations including:

  • Active military, veterans, and benefit-eligible dependents of active military and veterans
  • Commuter students
  • First-generation college students
  • Foster care alumni and emancipated youth
  • Housing insecure students
  • Low-SES (socio-economic status) students
  • Non-traditional age students
  • Students with dependent children
  • Transfer and relocation students

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