September Resources and Conversations

Here are September action items, campus resources, conversation starters for you and your student.

Academic resources

All students have to adjust to the academic aspect of college. Whether the adjustment is related to managing their time, their study strategies, or content in a specific course, the Rinella Learning Center can help. Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction are crucial resources if your student is struggling with a class, or wants more support in a specific course. Tutoring is  free and available to students based on subject area. Supplemental Instruction offers regularly-scheduled peer support to students enrolled in historically difficult classes.

Family Weekend

Family Weekend is coming up next month. It's a great opportunity to see Oxford and visit your Miami student. The weekend is full of events across campus to give you a peek into your student’s life at Miami. Prepare yourself now - many times families arrive to find a person who looks or acts different than the one they dropped off in August. And sometimes, students have made plans with their friends during the weekend. Tread carefully, and remember - you want them to have friends here (but also to miss you too!).

Fall athletic events

Attending Athletic events is a great way for your student to get in the Miami spirit! Encourage your student to visit the Miami Athletics website to find schedules for fall teams and stream events live on their devices. Current, Oxford students have free access to all home, regular-season athletic events. Go RedHawks!

Conversation starters and questions to ask:

  • How are classes going? What is going well so far, what may need adjustment?
  • Do any of your classes offer Supplemental Instruction? Do you foresee needing a tutor for any classes?
  • Are you getting involved on campus? What are clubs and organizations that you are interested in?
  • How's the relationship with your roommate(s)? Are there any issues that you should address sooner, rather than later?