Tips for Effective Partnerships

Our living learning communities would not be as successful if it were not for our partnerships across campus. We hope to continue building new relationships while strengthening those that already exist, building on the strategies outlined here. 


Much of the big picture planning and assessment that happens for a Living Learning Community happens during its Advisory Council Meeting. Full advisory council meetings generally occur once a month, so it is important that everyone attend and be actively engaged so that the council can continue to move the community forward.

  • Give each person a relevant “role” to play within the community or at an event
  • Use everyone's time appropriately


Regardless of your role, your perspective on the  Living Learning Community is valued. Please share your thoughts and perspective in an open and honest way with the other members of your council.

  • Don’t assume that faculty members only have academic interests; get to know them and what they are interested in
  • Learn from their experiences
  • Understand their professional role at the institution and their priorities
  • Understand their time commitments


Advisory Councils are communities. As such, they exhibit many of the same characteristics as other communities, including friendships, disagreements, and everything in between. Remember through collaboration, listening, and respect we will accomplish more together than can apart.

  • Keep in mind individual levels of comfort
  • Use their ideas and networks to your advantage
  • Include them in LLC decisions
  • Attend their events and take an interest in what they are doing on campus
  • Acknowledge their commitment to students and student development
  • Recognize the time and effort that your stakeholders have invested