Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your questions here, please visit Contact ORL for a guide on who to contact.

How likely am I to get my first choice request of a residential community?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee placement into any student’s first choice community due to a variety of factors. These considerations include: community demand/size limitations, academic program restrictions, room types are not all available in each hall, etc. We are generally able to place 94-95% of students into one of their choices.

What is the difference between taking the classes with the learning community and taking general sections of the same classes?

One difference is that you will already be registered for these classes when you come to orientation. The other difference is that you will be in these classes with a group of your peers who also live in your residence hall. 

If I have a specific person that I want to live with, do we both need to choose the same community?

Yes. In order to be assigned to the person of your choice, each of you must do the following: name one another as roommates and preference the same residential community in the same order on your housing applications. Any other specific questions regarding roommates should be directed to the Campus Services Center.

Are there requirements for Living Learning Communities other than the courses?

Each community is unique and students should select carefully. Some communities require specific courses so students have a common academic experience or the class is where many programs will be delivered. A few communities also have program fees that students will be billed, in order to cover the outlined programs.

How do I know which community suits me best?

In order to find out which community suits you best, you are encouraged to think about high school involvement, personal interests, and goals. You should reflect on what you want to achieve by living in a particular community. For example, if you were very involved with your high school arts program and want to continue enjoying and participating in the arts, but do not want to major in arts, the Celebrate the Arts community would be a good choice. Also, please see the Living Learning Communities section of the Campus Services website for more information on the individual LLCs.

When and where can I choose my residential community?

Once admitted to the University, you will receive information from the Office of Admissions detailing the LLCs, dining options, and housing contracts. On the housing contract, you will select your top five choices of residential communities.

When will I find out which community I am in?

At Orientation you will learn your assigned community, as well as if you have been pre-enrolled in specific courses. Specific hall assignments and locations are not available until late July. Assignments are emailed by the Campus Services Center.

If I choose to live in one of the LLCs with a course, do I have to take the course?

Yes, if the course is required. Some programs, however, offer courses on an optional basis. The University strongly encourages every student to take the optional courses as well. Participation in a common class creates a strong sense of community in the hall, and helps students feel connected to the larger Miami community. The in-hall classes help create lasting associations with University faculty and staff. Since students select their LLCs based on their own personal interests, they often find their course to be a much-appreciated extension to their interest.

How do I register for LLC courses?

During Fall Semester Orientation, you will receive information on the courses associated with your LLC. If you indicate an interest on your housing contract, you will be enrolled in the course prior to orientation.

What if I am not placed in one of the communities that I selected?

We are 94-95% successful in placing students into one of the communities that they selected on their housing application. If you were placed in a community that you did not rank in your five choices, you may request a change of communities. Changes are made based on availability. Contact the Campus Services Center to change communities.

What if I do not like the community I live in and want to change it?

In general, the majority of students are very pleased with their community. If there happens to be circumstances that make you want to move out of your community, you have the opportunity to do so on a limited basis.

Prior to your arrival on campus, you can contact the Campus Services Center via email to request the change. After arriving on campus you should contact your Resident Director (who resides in your residence hall).

Keep in mind that room changes are made based on open room availability, and that we do not provide room changes during the first two weeks of fall semester.