Guidelines for Quad Tents

Tent in front of MacCracken Hall

To increase outdoor gathering space for students living on campus, the university has rented six 40’ x 40’ tents and placed them in each residential quad. Following are guidelines for their use.


  1. MET - middle of Morris, Tappan, Emerson, Etheridge quad
  2. South -quad between Stanton and Anderson Halls
  3. Central - quad between Hamilton and Minnich Halls
  4. North - Flower and Hahne quad
  5. East - space behind Dorsey Hall
  6. Western - behind Clawson Hall

Availability and Use

Students can use a tent at any time unless it has been reserved for a specific use. 

To Reserve a Tent

  • Tents can be reserved for organized events. 
  • Student organizations should request the space through EMS and create an event in the HUB.
  • Administrative offices should request the space through EMS.
  • Residence Life staff should add an all-day calendar event to the ORL Google Calendar. It should be formatted as follows: (tent location - hall or LLC - event - time). For example: “North Quad Tent - Honors Program - faculty chat - 7-9 p.m.”

Tent Usage Guidelines

  1. Organized events must conform to COVID-related policies on campus. 
  2. All occupants must wear a face covering while in the tent.
  3. All occupants must maintain a 6 foot distance from other occupants in the tent. 
  4. Use must conform to all State and University policies.
  5. All furniture must be put back in its original position. Furniture may not be removed from any tent. 
  6. Occupants must remove any trash or recycling from the tent when they leave.

Tent Furnishings (per tent)

Furniture in the Tents
  • One couch
  • A few soft chairs
  • Two 30” tables and eight chairs
  • Lighting
  • Several adirondack chairs will be placed outside of the tents