Healthy Together with the Rinella Learning Center

Appointments or Meetings

The Rinella Learning Center is delighted to share that all of our services may be accessed remotely. Through our partnership with, students can sign up for tutoring with either a peer tutor or a professional tutor. Students can also attend remote Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for select courses.

Learn more about how to access remote tutoring and SI »

We also offer remote Academic Coaching and Academic Counseling. If you are interested in working individually with either a Learning Specialist or an Academic Coach, call our main office at 513-529-8741 to schedule a virtual appointment.

Building Access & Hours

While the Shriver Center will remain open during its normal hours of operation, visitors will be required to wear masks and maintain social distancing measures once inside. Signs will be posted throughout the building’s interior and exterior directing visitors on what entrances and exits are available for use.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Rinella Learning Center (RLC) is committed to upholding recommended cleaning procedures. Antibacterial hand sanitizer will be available within our space; staff members will also regularly take the precaution of cleaning their own offices and the front desk area with antibacterial wipes. We are also partnering with the Shriver Center’s maintenance staff in order to implement additional cleaning procedures.

Information Desk & Reception

We will to limit the number of visitors in the office at any given time. Clear plexiglass dividers have also been installed to maintain distance between staff members behind the front desk and visitors.

Visitors who may be waiting to begin tests in the RLC testing center, or who may be seeking information, will be directed to wait in the hallway immediately outside the front office, where chairs will be placed in a socially-distant arrangement. We encourage anyone with questions or interest in our services to call our office at 513-529-8741. This will reduce traffic in our front office and help keep our space as safe as possible.

Lounges & Public Spaces

As our services will be completely remote, we do not foresee a need for public spaces, such as our hallway, to be used by visitors (typically, these spaces were filled by students waiting for in-person tutoring appointments). Nonetheless, if and when we do receive visitors to common spaces within our area, the expectation is that visitors will wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times.

For students visiting the RLC testing center, we will make every effort to maintain social distancing, including having students utilize our individual testing rooms whenever possible. These rooms will also be sanitized after every use. In order to minimize contact, students will be asked to bring their own laptops or other materials needed in order to test with us.

More information about our testing center »

Office Areas & Workstations

Our staff are taking every precaution to clean their own offices and workstations, including the use of antibacterial hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes. Staff members will generally not meet with students face-to-face in their offices, and will hold virtual meetings with students instead. Any questions or concerns about this plan should be directed to either our main office phone (513-529-8741) or our email address (

Programs & Events

The RLC will continue to offer programming that addresses students’ academic needs via our Workshop Series. These workshops will be held virtually. Information about our remote workshops will be made available at a later date; in the meanwhile, please visit our page for online Canvas workshops, which can be accessed asynchronously.

Staffing Schedules

The RLC will rotate staff members in order to stagger their presence on campus. Certain staff members will be in the office on Monday/Wednesday, while other staff members will be in the office Tuesday/Thursday. Our front office will remain staffed during regular business hours. All staff members will remain accessible via email, virtual meetings, and by contacting our main office (513-529-8741).