The Scholastic Enhancement Program (SEP) is intended to achieve the following goals for Miami University, as well as students admitted through the program:

  • Provide special admission for targeted students on the conditional agreement that they participate in the scholastic enhancement program and satisfactorily follow through on that commitment.
  • Provide early contact with faculty, staff, and successful upperclass students who can provide personal support, advice and assistance.
  • Require the completion of the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI), an assessment of students’ previous academic practices and current learning and study behaviors.
  • Offer peer group activities that are designed to build social and personal friendships that will serve the student in times of stress.
  • Provide early advising and offer special course selection that will build academic skill levels and abilities.
  • Provide supplemental instruction in specific courses using faculty and/or selected and trained upperclass students.