Accommodation Procedures

As a student, it is your right and responsibility to be an advocate for your needs. Following Student Disability Services (SDS) procedures will allow you to get the greatest benefit from your accommodations. SDS-affiliated students need to request accommodations and services each semester. There are also step-by-step procedures for scheduling tests, receiving accessible course materials and arranging various other services and accommodations.

Changing Access Needs & Accommodation Plans

We recognize that disability is a fluid identity which may result in different access needs from time to time during your Miami experience. The development of your accommodation plan during your initial Access Consultation is designed to provide you with an equitable experience. If you find your existing accommodations do not support your current needs, please reach out to your Access Coordinator to request a meeting. Whether it be your first semester affiliated with SDS or you are nearing the end of your time at Miami, we want your accommodation plan to best support you at any given point. If your situation changes and you would like to chat about revisiting your accommodation plan, it is never too late, and we are here to help.

Questions about your accommodations? Contact us.