COVID-19 Accommodation Request Procedure

Miami University is committed to ensuring equal access for students with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students who need accommodations and services to support healthy and safe engagement in learning and campus life are encouraged to request reasonable accommodation.

SDS provides a wide range of COVID-19 related accommodations and services including:

  • Coordination of remote instruction for students with underlying conditions
  • Facial covering alternative when reasonable and appropriate
  • Provision of accessible auxiliary aids
  • Housing Accommodations (e.g. single room, air purifier)
  • Remote Technology (e.g. microphones, webcams)

Students are encouraged to submit requests in advance of the need for accommodations.

Currently registered students: Please contact your SDS Coordinator for information on how to request a disability-related COVID-19 accommodation.

If you are not registered with SDS, please complete the following steps:

  1. Register for services.
  2. Submit disability verification that meets documentation guidelines and includes an explicit recommendation for COVID-19 accommodations and why they are medically necessary to facilitate equal access to the classroom and/or campus life.
  3. Attend an access consultation with an SDS Coordinator to discuss your accommodation request.
  4. Once steps 1-3 are completed and you are fully registered for services, your SDS Coordinator will provide instructions for submitting your request to be reviewed by the COVID-19 Accommodation Review Team.

Appeal Process

To appeal a COVID-19 accommodation decision the following information should be submitted to or your assigned Coordinator:

  • Written statement from medical provider that includes detailed explanation of why the recommended accommodations and/or support services will not mitigate barriers related to the student’s disability.

Additional information submitted will be reviewed by the COVID-19 Accommodation Review Team. Notice of a decision will be provided within 7-10 business days of review.

Student FAQs

If I am a student with an underlying condition, can I attend a class remotely if it is being offered in person?

Miami recognizes that students with underlying conditions may benefit from remote instruction to safely engage in learning. Students may request remote instruction as a reasonable accommodation. SDS staff works with students and faculty to explore and coordinate remote instruction when reasonable and appropriate. Alternate arrangements may need to be made in circumstances where remote instruction is a fundamental alteration of the course.

What are examples of COVID-19 related accommodations I may be able to request?

Examples of COVID-19 accommodations include a single room, facial covering alternatives, and remote instruction. Eligibility is based on current University policy and procedure.

I have COVID-19 symptoms and have tested positive. Should I register with SDS?

COVID-19 is typically a short-term temporary illness. You should immediately follow the Miami University COVID-19 Reporting Procedures if you are experiencing symptoms and have tested positive. If you are a person that is experiencing long-term and ongoing COVID-19 complications for which reasonable accommodation is needed you are encouraged to register for services.

Do I have to wear a face covering?

Facial coverings are required as designated by current University policy. Miami recognizes that some students may need alternatives due to medical reasons. SDS coordinates facial covering alternative accommodations when reasonable and appropriate.

What is SDS doing to ensure facial covering accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students?

SDS provides transparent face masks and shields to faculty teaching face to face courses for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who have indicated they need full view of the instructor’s face during classroom instruction. Transparent face coverings permit lipreading and view of facial expressions. Coverings can also be provided for group interaction. We recommend maintaining physical distance as an additional precaution when using facial coverings.