Affiliated and Departmental Organizations

Several students outside dancing in a line at an event
An event with a table full of live succulent plants, and a group of students selecting them
 A couple dancing at Charter Day Ball
 Students participating in Sand Art at Armstrong Palooza
 Dance Theater Performance on a stage
 Group of students doing yoga on centra quad

Affiliated organizations are organizations that are affiliated with various departments and divisions at Miami. These organizations serve as extensions of their sponsoring departments and divisions. They are typically advised and supported by the department or division and help promote the mission of the program. An example would be the SEAL Ambassadors, an organization affiliated with our office. SEAL Ambassadors help students get involved on campus and promote strategic involvement.

Several departments across campus also work with a large number of organizations that, while they are not affiliated, are in some way related to that department or division. An example of this would be that while the Society of Women Engineers helps student engineers in a number of ways, they are not directly affiliated with the College of Engineering and Computing.