Guidance for Spring 2021


Student Organization Operations and Procedures for Spring 2021 

Updated March 15, 2021

Student Organizations include all Registered Student Organizations, Affiliated Student Organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Chapters, and Sport Clubs

The policy and procedure for Student Organizations will likely continue to change beyond March 15, 2021 through all of Spring 2021. This page will be updated as needed through the Spring 2021 semester. Policy and procedure for Fall 2021 will be provided after July 1, 2021 and as the conditions of the Pandemic and guidance from Public Health officials change.

As changes occur regarding attendance and capacity limits as well as types of permitted events, the policy and procedures will change. As a result, Armstrong Student Center requires two to three weeks' notice, depending upon the complexity of the event, in order to accommodate the event planning and risk management process.

As a result of Miami University’s COVID-19 Response Plan and Responsible Restart Ohio Education and Sector Requirements in place regarding physical distancing and size of gatherings, all Student Organization activities and events will be modified and potentially suspended for the Spring 2021 semester.  Each event request and registration will be reviewed to identify questions or possible conflicts with The University’s Plan and Responsible Restart Ohio guidance. Room capacity and availability will be limited and restricted due to physical distancing and sanitization requirements. We are providing guidance and resources to help students and Student Organizations engage and build community and a sense of belonging while still observing the requirements of our community standards and social contract. Listed below are some resources and specific examples of activities and events that should be modified and potentially suspended for the spring 2021 semester. As weather conditions allow and COVID-19 Responsible Restart Ohio guidance changes, Student Organization Operations and Procedures will be updated accordingly.

Resources for Student Organizations

Features in The Hub that can help with information communication and ALL student organization Activities and Events:

  • SEAL Ambassadors: Student organizations that do not want to participate in face to face recruitment efforts or SEAL Ambassador meetings may use this resource for student organization activities. All SEAL Ambassador meetings will be virtual.
  • HUB Event Form: Any changes that should be made to a meeting or event will be updated through the form and student organizations will be notified.
  • The Signed, Sealed, Delivered newsletters and Student Activities and Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority life website will be updated as information becomes available regarding activities, events, and organization operations.

Campus Labs Event Check In

  • Allows attendees and members to record attendance without the use of a swipe reader.
  • Card swipe reader use is available as of March 15, 2021.

Student Organization Operations and Events

Office Hours 

  • Based on office space size and structure, occupancy will be limited and in some cases will be 1 member/student at a time. Office hour requirements are suspended.
  • No visitors in offices where only one person can be in the space. 
  • Occupants must clean/ wipe down surfaces before and after use. 
    • Sanitizing spray and paper towels will be stocked by Armstrong Student Center (ASC)
  • Organizations need to communicate with their office mates when they plan to be in the office and maintain an office hours schedule.We expect organizations to work together and provide for fair and equitable sharing of office space. 

Student Organization Packages and Mail

  • Mail and package pick up will continue but will be different.
  • All packages delivered to Student Activities and the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life will be brought into the main office suite, 2026 Armstrong.
  • You or your organization will be notified by email that the package is available for pick up.
  • You will be able to pick up packages between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
  • You will need to check in with a student in the Leadership Library of Armstrong or call the office phone number listed on the door to the suite in order to retrieve your package.
  • It is suggested that you make an appointment for package pick up to ensure that someone is available to assist you.
  • Mailboxes will remain outside of the office in the Leadership Library; please check these at least once a week.

Student Organization Meetings

  • Should be conducted with 6 feet of physical distancing in mind and the option of virtual participation for members who are not comfortable attending a face to face meeting is recommended. Any meetings with a requirement that members attend should have a virtual option. 
  • An attendance sheet (can be kept virtually on The Hub) of all who attend a face to face, in person meeting or event should be kept for at least six weeks post event. It does not have to be submitted to anyone but should be available in the event there is a need to conduct contact tracing.
  • All in-person attendees must wear face coverings including when the activity is held outside.
  • Room capacity reductions will restrict the number of members who can be in a space for face to face meetings. At this time, the maximum indoor occupance for Student Organization activities and events is 10.
  • Groups should consider hosting meetings/practices virtually or in smaller groups in spaces that allow for physical distancing.
  • Groups should make sure members and guests know that if they are sick they should not attend face to face activities, events, or meetings.
  • Groups should provide the following information to all members regarding appropriate action steps if a member reports being ill/sick and/or may have been exposed to COVID-19: If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or if you need to be tested based on potential exposure, please contact your primary care provider or Student Health Services at 513-529-3000. You may be instructed to come in for an appointment or go to another designated testing site. If you need emergency care, you should contact 911 for ambulance transport to TriHealth’s McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital or the nearest emergency department.

Card Swipe Readers

  • Will no longer be used to track attendance and the HUB Event Check In process should be used instead.

Face Coverings/Masks

  • Student Organizations should require face coverings for all events and activities that take place indoors, or those outdoors where physical distancing will be difficult to maintain. Physical distancing requirements are at least six feet between individuals.
  • Some members may not be able to wear a face covering and this should not prohibit participation.  Please provide a virtual participation opportunity when possible.
  • Students with a documented exemption (provided through the Miller Center) may participate in face to face activities without a mask or face covering but should still practice physical distancing of at least 6 feet of space between themselves and others.


  • Restricted to 10 people, including guests, around the table at a time. Organization members and guests must maintain 6 feet of physical distance.
  • Tabling inside Armstrong Student Center is NOT yet available in order to comply with physical distancing in a high traffic area.
  • Table locations are available at Joslin Family Terrace (outside Pulley diner), East Court Terrace (near the fireplace), Phi Delt Gates, Hub/Outdoor Seal, and Outdoor Slant Walk.
  • The table host(s) is required to wear a face covering and should ask all guests to do the same.

Table Tents 

  • Suspended due to cleaning protocols and to eliminate multiple touch items.

Bake Sales and Other Fundraising Activities

  • Sales hosted on the Terraces, at the Phi Delt Gates, at the Farmer Gates, or at the HUB should operate similar to any tabling activity. 
  • Baked goods should be individually wrapped and only non-perishable items should be sold.
  • Host is required to wear a face covering.
  • Hand sanitizer should be available for guests and the host.
  • MUULA machines and Credit Card readers should be wiped with a sanitizing wipe between each transaction.

Student Organization Travel

  • No Miami university funds (including fee dollars) may be used to pay for any form of travel until further notice.
  • Conferences, Service Trips, Competitions or other organized activities outside of the State of Ohio are strongly discouraged, and may require students to self-isolate for two weeks upon return to campus.
  • In-State travel will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Student Organization Activities that Bring Guests to Campus

  • Family or Parent Weekends, Alumni events, Conferences, Competitions, Performances, and similar events should be conducted with Responsible Restart Ohio guidance and regulation of events in mind. This impacts number of guests or attendees that may gather, how a venue may serve guests, and what activities are permitted in certain establishments.
  • Due to capacity limitations within Armstrong Student Center and other areas of campus, these events may not be hosted on campus.
  • Events that do meet the parameters Responsible Restart Ohio and local ordinances should be conducted with the health and safety of members, attendees, and the vendors/staff of the establishment in mind. (see Off Campus Events below)

Speakers and Guest Lectures

  • At this time, guest speakers and lectures should be held as virtual events. No in person speakers or lectures are permitted.
  • Physical distancing seating and face coverings are required for all attendees if there is a gathering to view the virtual event. Attendance sheets should be maintained. At this time, attendance is limited to 10 people.

Events That Bring Minors to Campus

  • Suspended for spring 2021.

Assistance Dog Socialization Activities

  • These and other similar events are suspended for spring 2021.
  • This may change as outdoor event guidance changes.

Performance Based Activities

  • In accordance with Responsible Restart Ohio guidance and Miami's plans for academic courses involving theater, singing, and dance, such activities are limited to the following:
    • No indoor activities involving singing at this time.
    • Outdoor singing events are permitted if participants and attendees can appropriately physically distance themselves. Face coverings are required. The capacity of the outdoor location/space determines the number of participants and attendees. Please contact Student Activities, 513/529-1462, for guidance.
    • Indoor theater or dance that does not involve singing may occur with 10 people or less participating and 6 feet of physical distance between participants. Participants must wear facial coverings. Audiences can be no more than 10 people who are physically distanced and wearing facial coverings.
  • As the Responsible Restart Ohio guidance changes, this guidance will also change. Room capacity and the ability to comply with physical distancing and face covering requirements will impact when/where/how audiences are permitted to participate.
  • Practices for performance based organizations should be held with strict physical distancing, use of face coverings, and no physical touching; practices should be held virtually when possible.
  • Consider the use of outdoor space for practices where members and others can appropriately physically distance.
  • Follow room capacity requirements and seek the largest space available if your practice occurs indoors.


  • Due to physical distancing requirements and space/room capacity, all dances are suspended for spring 2021.

Banquets and Other Catered Events 

  • Responsible Restart Ohio guidance may change the availability of on campus facilities and services. This section will be updated as needed.
  • At this time, Banquets, Dinners, Philanthropy activities, and similar events cannot be scheduled.   

Events/ Meetings in Armstrong Student Center

    • Student Organizations will need to reach out to Lauren Brassfield to discuss event/ meeting logistics at least 21 days (3 weeks) prior to their event to determine if the event can happen.
      • Expected Number of Attendees
      • Room Diagrams
      • Building Stewardship
      • Technology Needs

Events/Meeting in Classrooms and other Academic Space

    • As of August 18, academic/classroom space reserved through the Office of the Registrar is unavailable for student organization use. This restriction  will be evaluated after March 15, 2021.
    • The room/space may appear to be available but all requests by student organizations will be denied
    • Access for student organizations to academic/classroom space will be re-evaluated once students physically return to the residence halls 

Events and Activities Held Outdoors

  • Parameters and instructions on how to reserve outdoor space will be released soon.
  • Attendance parameters will be determined based on the size of the space and the ability of attendees to physically distance themselves.
  • Masks will be required for outdoor activities.

Large Scale Events and Campus Wide Activities

    • Events that have the potential to attract large numbers of attendees (100 or more people) should follow the Responsible Restart Ohio guidance regarding maximum number of indoor/outdoor event attendees.
      • Any event with 100 or more people in attendance must go through the Campus Events planning process and include a COVID-19 compliance plan for face coverings and social/physical distancing. An attendance sheet should be maintained (this can be done virtually through The Hub) and available if needed for contact tracing. At this time, no on-campus meetings or events larger than 10 people should be conducted or will be approved.
      • Large events should be held outside and in a space that encourages and permits physical distancing of 6 feet between individuals. 
      • When outside space is not compatible with the event, indoor space limitations regarding maximum capacity and the ability to physically distance must be followed. 
      • Table hosts are required to wear a face covering.
      • Tables or stations should be 6 to 10 feet apart.
      • Staggered attendance times are encouraged.
      • Handouts and giveaways should be limited to virtual options such as QR codes or other available applications. Giveaways should be single touch and distributed one at a time.  
      • Events that encourage attendees to gather closely together or touch shared objects such as inflatables, carnival rides, and games are suspended are suspended until March 15, 2021. Outdoor events of this nature will be evaluated and may change as Responsible Restart Ohio guidance changes.
    • Gatherings for the purpose of the expression of First Amendment protected speech are not covered by the definition of a mass gathering for the Ohio Orders but should still comply with the Miami Campus Events process outlined here: Campus Events

Off campus events hosted by Student Organizations, Fraternities/Sororities, Affiliated Student Organizations, and Sport Clubs

  • Student groups hosting off campus events are expected to follow the current Responsible Restart Ohio guidance regarding event location/attendance/activity.
  • At this time, Formals, Socials, Philanthropy Activities, Alumni gatherings, Mom and Dad weekends, and most large scale events that involve gathering at banquet or event centers are limited by attendance/capacity and activity restrictions.
  • Events that do meet the parameters of the Responsible Restart Ohio guidance should be conducted with the health and safety of members, attendees, and the vendors/staff of the establishment in mind.
  • We ask our students to make good choices and encourage behavior that helps prevent community spread of COVID-19. Face coverings should be required and physical distancing should be encouraged.  Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations should be available.
  • Hosting an event at a private residence that brings large numbers of people together who do not live in the same residence is a violation of the Oxford Ordinance and may result in suspension from the University for those who host the event. The Oxford Ordinance caps capacity of any private residence at 10 guests. The Healthy Together Pledge requires that students not host or attend gatherings/parties of more than 10 people.

Organizations with Inter/National Affiliation and Membership, Fraternities/Sororities and all other Inter/Nationally recognized groups

  • Clubs and organizations that have membership with a coordinating Executive or Headquarters Office are expected to observe the requirements of those organizations as it relates to meetings, activities, and events.
  • If there is a difference in requirements, organizations are expected to observe the most stringent requirements or guidance received regarding meetings, activities, and events.

Student Organization Advisor Guidance 

  • Student organization advisors should encourage the group and members to follow the guidance of the University and the State of Ohio regarding the prevention of spread of COVID-19.
  • Affiliated Student Organizations should follow the guidelines of the Departments that support them as well as RSO guidelines.
  • Encourage student members to be conscientious of the parameters of physical distancing and avoiding high risk activities and environments.
  • Make your level of comfort with face to face meetings with the group clear. If you prefer to meet with them through virtual means that should be an option. Please continue to meet regularly with organization leadership.
  • Face coverings are required for face to face participation unless there is a documented medical accommodation on file with the Miller Center.  
  • Help students understand the importance of wearing a face covering and physically distancing themselves when that is not possible.
  • Help students understand that some people cannot wear face coverings and should have virtual opportunities to participate.
  • Help students make thoughtful decisions about how to ask members or guests to wear a face covering. 
  • Help them think of ways to include members or guests that cannot wear a face covering or wish to participate virtually.

The guidelines and suspensions of certain activities may be extended beyond March 15, 2021 through all of Spring 2021 as a result of recommendations from Butler County Public Health and The State of Ohio.