Updated March 19, 2020
This continues to be a rapidly changing situation and updates may come at any time. The most recent changes relevant to student organization leaders are in bold below.
We will do our best to convey the most current information, but we ask you to understand that things may change at any time. Our office is here to support you through this quickly evolving situation.
Please share this information with other members of your organization, and remember it is imperative you continue to check your email for updates.


All on campus student organization events have been canceled. We recommend student organizations hold any meetings and events virtually when possible to maintain engagement with your group's members.

Student Organization Travel

For student organizations (including Club Sports), the University strongly recommends canceling participation. If individuals make personal decisions to travel and attend such events, please be aware that the University will not be providing any resources supporting these activities. This includes financial support, university property, university contracts (e.g., Enterprise vehicle rental contract), university-provided uniforms and other related resources. The travel will be considered personal travel and will be at the individual's own risk and expense.

Club Sports events where teams from outside of Miami University are being hosted in our community will not be permitted. While this is a difficult outcome, it is necessary based upon our Ohio Governor's strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

SEAL Workshops

After Spring Break, we will be resuming a new, virtual SEAL Workshop schedule. We will present a series of workshops aimed at assisting organizations with digital member engagement and navigating online tools to complete elections, transition officers, and more.

Red Brick Rewards

We will announce modifications to Red Brick Rewards in the coming weeks. Several SEAL Workshops will be made available online as webcasts with the ability to track and record completion. Tier 1 requirements will not change. Tier 2 requirements will include some light modifications. Tier 3 and 4 will have additional modifications. 

While transition binders and end-of-semester evaluations are a Tier 4 requirement, we urge all organizations to consider developing these materials now to maintain the success and viability of your organization. 


We know organizations plan their elections around Spring Break. The elections module in the Hub allows organizations to conduct organization elections remotely. It offers ranked choice or simple vote options. It is simple to use, and we encourage organizations to evaluate whether this will help with your officer transitions. If you have questions about this function, please contact Student Activities.

Office Space/Office Hours

Student organizations with space in Armstrong should note that the required seven office hours per week is being waived during this time period.

Pending Transactions/Student Organization Accounts

Please continue to monitor financial transactions in your student organization accounts. Continue to maintain diligence with your accounts to make sure that all pending transactions are completed from the correct account and cancel any open POs, check requests, or credit cards that are no longer needed due to cancellations.

Maintain Hub Rosters

Please make sure to maintain your Hub rosters, especially the primary positions and advisors to ensure timely communication with appropriate organization representatives.