Off-Campus Events

Off-campus events typically require a public park permit and/or a public right-of-way permit. Off-campus events may include a parade or 5K Runs within the city limits, an event at the uptown park or the community park, a bake sale on the city sidewalk, or a sign in tree lawn areas. Below are steps to assist group with an off-campus event in the City of Oxford. 

City of Oxford Event Application - Enjoy Oxford

  • Contact John Buchholz, Business Liaison Officer for the City of Oxord, to schedule an appointment (15-20 minutes).
  • Buchholz will review off-campus event process and assist in filling in the city application.
  • Buchholz will involve Miami University departments affiliated with an off-campus event.
    • i.e. 5K events which begin and/or end at Millett Hall.
  • Buchholz will submit the application to the City for their approval.
  • A City staff member will notify the applicant and Enjoy Oxford by mail if event/location is approved or denied.
  • The City of Oxford will return full copy of application as “approved” or “denied” to Enjoy Oxford (Buchholz).
  • Approved application will indicate fees to be charged, such as police services
    • Payment for expenses are submitted by treasurer through Miami BuyWay.
    • If police services are needed, schedule an appointment with the Oxford Police Department 30 days before the event date.
    • Note:  If a contract is required by the artist or vendor, schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Activities for contract review. 
  • Enjoy Oxford will email approved application to the Office of Student Activities.
  • Student organization must have “Approved Form/Permits” displayed/available throughout the event.

Hub Off-Campus Event Registration

  • Register the off-campus event on the Hub for review and approval by the Office of Student Activities.
    • A flyer can be uploaded for advertisement on the Hub's bulletin board.
    • Approved student organization events are listed on the Hub’s event calendar.

NOTE:  Once approved, off-campus events will be posted on the Oxford Community Calendar.