Raffles and Games of Chance

While the University generally supports the fund-raising efforts of its registered student organizations, the legal complexities of definition, methodology, and distribution of monies associated with schemes or games of chance such as raffles, bingo, poker, or other similar activities necessitate the University’s prohibition of such activities in conjunction with its student organizations. A game of chance is any event where a player gives anything of value in hope of gain where the outcome of which is determined largely by chance. For instance, if participants pay an entry fee to play AND prizes of any type are awarded to the players, then this is a game of chance.

Student organizations are prohibited from distributing cash prizes. This includes drawings, "split-the-pot"-type fundraisers, and prizes or awards of any kind for participating in a student organization event, contest, fundraiser, or other function.

Games of chance, including raffles, in exchange for payment are not permitted.

IRS rules require that gifts, prizes, or awards worth $50 or more will be reported as taxable income.

Any student organization giving any gifts, prizes, or awards valued over $50 to any individual must provide the name, social security number, contact phone number, and address of the recipient along with the reason for the gift, prize, or award.