Thanks to the generosity of the Ford Family Initiative on Spirituality, Meaning, and Purpose, the META Collective is able to offer funding, in the form of mini-grants, for projects that promote engagement across lines of religious difference.


"What kinds of projects can be funded?" Projects must reflect the values and goals of the META Collective, as expressed in our Mission Statement. The following restrictions also apply:

  • Projects that involve proselytizing of any kind will not be funded.
  • Projects exclusionary of or exclusive to any religious, spiritual, or secular group will not be funded.
  • We cannot fund indirect costs or salaries.
  • No more than 60% of mini-grant funding can be used for food.

"Who can apply?" Any Miami student, faculty, or staff member is eligible to apply. Additionally, Oxford community partners doing projects that draw campus and community together are welcome to apply.

"What's the deadline for applying?" Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until the mini-grants budget for that school year has been depleted.

"How much can we request?" A project can receive up to $500 in mini-grant funding. However, if you are requesting more than $200, your project should have additional contributing funding partners.

What we need from you

For all projects:

  • Your application must include a marketing and promotion plan.
  • Place the META Collective logo on all your promotional materials.

If your project is an event:

  • Administer a short assessment (which the META Collective will provide) at the end of your event.
  • Submit the completed short assessment, together with a Final Event Report, to no later than 2 weeks after your event.

If your project is not an event:

  • Submit a Final Report no later than 3 months after funding is received.

Apply for a mini-grant