Mental Health Topics

University life is often richly rewarding, exciting, and satisfying. The opportunities are without limits and the interpersonal connections made at Miami University can be foundational for a lifetime. However, every student also faces challenges and concerns along the way that can throw a roadblock across their paths, leaving them feeling isolated, lonely, overwhelmed and unsure at times.

The links on this page provide basic introduction to current research and thinking about many of the more common obstacles faced by Miami students on a daily basis. By viewing these resources, students and families/friends can begin to understand more about how common mental health issues arise; how they may affect our students; what can be most helpful in facing them; and how professional services can help when the student’s own inner resources begin to feel stretched.

Students and families are encouraged to review this site, raise questions and discuss the information provided, then contact the Student Counseling Service for further evaluation and follow through by mental health professionals if the material provided does not fully address your concerns.