Signature Programs

The Cultural Center programming priorities have been focused around increasing cultural based competencies. A few signature programs that the Cultural Center utilizes to accomplish this task are “MADE@Miami,” “Let’s Talk,” “Immersion Experiences,” and the “Multicultural Student Leadership Conference”. Each of these programs typically will follow a theme and/or topic that helps facilitate dialogue and enhance student learning outcomes.


Update June 24, 2021

MADE@Miami is designed to help you get the most out of your Miami experience. We promote qualities valued by the university community—Mentoring, Achievement, Diversity, and Excellence. Additionally, MADE@Miami is open to all entering first-year undergraduate students, historically underrepresented populations or those who have a commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Students representing different ethnic/racial, sexual orientation and gender identity, and socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

  • Mentoring: Meet students, faculty, and staff who can guide you.
  • Achievement: Get resources to help you succeed academically.
  • Diversity: Learn about your fellow classmates and where you come from.
  • Excellence: Find out how to make the most of your time at Miami. 

Assistant Director of Diverse Student Development posing for selfie with 2017 MADE@Miami participants

Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (MSLC)

The Multicultural Student Leadership Conference (MSLC) is an annual student-led conference put on by the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion that takes place in the Spring. This one-day conference provides students with the opportunity to increase their intercultural awareness, develop leadership skills, and provide resource and information sharing among students to strengthen the presence of diverse  students and multicultural organizations on Miami University’s campus.

The 2019-20 conference was February 29, 2020.

Assistant Director of Diverse Student Development and students from Central State University posing for a photo outside of McGuffey Hall after the 2017 Multicultural Student Leadership Conference.

Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated each year in February and is presented by the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion and the Black Presidents Caucus. 

Past Events (2020) 

  • Know Your Roots
  • Pink Goes Red
  • Black Fridays Movie Series
  • Hot Take Discussions
  • Hashtag Lunch Bag
  • ABPsi Mental Health Forum
  • Black History Month Banquet


 Director of The Office of Diversity Affairs and Assistant Director of Diverse Student Development posing for photograph along with their students after the Annual Black History Month Banquet.

"Let's Talk"

The Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion (CSDI) believes that engaging in dialogue offers opportunities for students to discuss current issues and topics that can lead to further education and understanding, greater awareness, and heightened levels of sensitivity to difference.

“Let’s Talk” is intended to assist students in discovering the values of participating in honest, open discussion on a broad range of intellectual, socially, and culturally relevant topics. “Let’s Talk” is open to all students and will be facilitated by the CSDI Staff.

Students may join a session by attending the various sessions scheduled throughout the year in the C-Suite. Students may suggest a topic for a “Let’s Talk” based on common interests centered around diversity, inclusion and cross-cultural learning. 

Sister Talks

Sister Talks are intended to assist women identified students in discovering the values of participating in honest, open discussion on a broad range of intellectually, socially, and culturally relevant topics. Sister Talks is open to all students.

Spring 2020 topics includes: 

  • Reclaiming Your Time: 2020 Vision Boarding
  • #WomensHealthMatters
  • Sister ¢ents: Financial Literacy for Women

Barbershop Talks

Barbershop Talks are a discussion-based opportunity that brings men identified students together for conversations on issues that impact their lives, individual well-being and health. During the event a local barber is present to often provide haircuts to attendees.

B.O.T.H.: Blends Of Traditional Heritages

B.O.T.H. is a discussion-based group intended for students of biracial or multiracial backgrounds. Topics will hold relevance for undergraduate students. The goal is that those attending B.O.T.H. enjoy the supportive environment and openness of members in exchanging opinions and learning from each others perspective of the biracial/multiracial experience. B.O.T.H discussions are open to all students.


Q*Mmunity sessions are discussions intended to support, advocate and educate the Miami community about the Queer & Trans Persons of Color at the university. These discussions are open to all and intended to be honest, open and supportive.


Conversaciones are discussions bringing together members of the Latinx diaspora to address pressing issues affecting the Latino community.

Spring 2020 programs included: 

  • Latinx @ Miami Past & Present (Guest Alumni Speaker)
  • Latinx & Mental Health
  • Latinx in the Media
Students gathered inside the Cultural Center attentively listening to a video during a Let's Talk session.

Horizon Graduation Ceremony

The Horizon Graduation Ceremony recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of graduating undergraduate and graduate diverse students. The name HORIZON was chosen to signify the new beginnings, opportunities, challenges, outlooks, and options facing our students at the dawn of their professional lives. The event is held on Commencement weekend. Family and friends are invited to share in this special recognition of students.

2018 Graduates posing for the traditional Horizon Graduation Ceremony photograph.

Diversity Week

Diversity Affairs Council (DAC) presents an annual Diversity Week each spring. All events during Diversity Week are open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

Members of the Diversity Affairs Council posing for picture carrying signs reading “Be the change you want to see in the world’, “Unity makes us Miami”, “Trans lives matter”, “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power” and “Love your neighbors. All of them”  during Unity Day March 2018