Safe Zone 301: Active Allyship

The final training in this series focuses on active allyship. Allies are individuals who use their identities of privilege to disrupt systems of marginalization. Allyship is a series of acts - it’s something that you do, rather than something that you are. In this training each participant will workshop allyship strategies within both their personal and professional lives.

Individuals must have completed Safe Zone 101 and 201 to take Safe Zone 301. Individuals who complete Safe Zone 301 are eligible to be part of the Safe Zone Network.Participants can choose to receive a certificate of completion, an updated Safe Zone decal, and will be eligible to be added to an online directory of Safe Zone Network members.

Participation in Safe Zone 301 cannot be required by any organization or program on campus. The goal is to have only individuals who are actively choosing to participate take part in Safe Zone 301.

Spring 2022 Safe Zone 301 Dates

Register for Safe Zone 301 at the links below.