About the Women*s Center

The purpose of the Women*s Initiatives focus area within the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion is to advance women's full participation and success through activities that support and advocate for women, engage the campus community with women's and gender issues, and foster women's personal and professional development and empowerment.

We provide programs and events, resources and services, and opportunities for engagement and leadership around women’s and gender issues. The asterisk in the name signifies our understanding of “woman” as a socially constructed category encompassing a spectrum of gender identities and expressions. While we “center” women’s experiences, we welcome and support individuals of all gender identities and expressions. As part of the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion, we assist the University in establishing and fostering an environment committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion
2030 Armstrong Student Center
550 E. Spring Street
Oxford, OH 45056

Questions? Contact 513-529-6504 or csdi@MiamiOH.edu

Did You Know?

Establishment of a women's center was one of 57 recommendations made in 1989 by the President's Commission on Improvement of the Status of Female Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Gender Equity

Gender equity in an educational setting means an equal chance at learning without expectations based on gender. Equal encouragement and opportunity for all to develop, achieve, and learn is essential equitable treatment and is required by law.