We're Moving!

We'll reopen August 16 in 3012 Armstrong

At long last, our move to the Armstrong Student Center (Suite 3012) is right around the corner! Our official move date is Thursday, August 10. We will need a few days to put things away and set up our offices and the public lounges, so will be closed through Tuesday, August 15. We can't promise we'll be totally up and running by August 16, but we will be open. We hope you will stop by, say "hi," and check out our new space, which we are excited to be sharing with LGBTQ* Services. The name of our shared space will be "Women*s and LGBTQ* Center." Note the subtle change to our name; we've replaced the apostrophe with an asterisk to signal the inclusivity and intersectionality of our space and our work. The pronunciation is the same.