Infectious Disease Information

College is a time when many students are, for the first time, solely responsible for their own health and well-being. Late night study session, early morning classes, part-time jobs, student activities and a full social calendar create an environment full of possibilities and great experiences for each student. It also creates an environment where infectious diseases like common colds, the flu, and mono can easily spread through the population.

The links on the left of this page have information about these and other infectious diseases that can affect students on college campuses or might simply be in the news, with no effect on Miami's campus.

The best general advice to stay healthy throughout the year is to be current on all vaccines, get plenty of rest, drink enough water, and practice good hygiene (wash your hands) and use common sense (i.e., don't share food or drinks with others). Click through the links on the left for more information about these diseases and Miami's preparation.

Flu Vaccines Available

The vaccine for the seasonal flu are available at the Student Health Service in mid-fall. We strongly urge all students and staff to get vaccinated annually.

Protocols and Readiness

Miami University's Student Health Services, under the management of Tri-Health, work with the local health departments to be prepared for any significant medical events that would be likely to affect the campus. This includes everything from being prepared with flu vaccines for the seasonal flu to training and population monitoring for disease outbreaks that are less common but potentially more worrisome.

Immunizations and International Travel

Student Health Services offers a full range of immunizations and vaccines, including many of needed or recommended for international travel.