Healthy Together


The Wilks Institute is updating our retreats and programs to reflect the Miami University event policies for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Community engagement and service will look different now than before. If you have questions about how you can engage with your local community, visit our engagement page and subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

Office Access & Hours

Please call to schedule a virtual appointment; walk-in appointments are limited and need to follow safety guidelines. We are excited to welcome new and returning students to our leadership, service, and civic engagement programming virtually until our full return to campus. As these guidelines change, our events and opportunities will too. Stay connected through the Wilks Institute website.

The Wilks Office (Armstrong 2018), staff offices, and certain access points will have modified hours in conjunction with the Armstrong Student Center schedule. The reduction of facility hours will allow for ample cleaning time of the facility during the overnight hours.

Major entrances will be designated as entrance only, or exit only, with modifications for accessible access points.

Staff Schedule

Wilks full time staff will be in the office on on Monday and Tuesdays. You can make virtual appointments with staff by contacting them through email.

The Wilks Office (Armstrong 2018) and Workstations

The Wilks Office (Armstrong 2018) capacity will be limited and capacity will be posted outside the office. Public facing desks will have clear barriers installed.

The Wilks Institute will operate at a reduced occupancy, which includes the removal of furniture in order to facilitate physical distancing. Seating arrangements will be modified throughout the space in order to promote physical distancing.

Cleaning materials for office spaces will be supplied by the University and staff will be responsible for upkeep of their offices; Workstations should be wiped down and sanitized after use, and marked as sanitized.

Armstrong Student Center student staff will be required to wear masks during their work shift.