Alumni Banquet

members of the alumni clusterAs a final all-community formalized event, the Alumni Banquet is held each spring for current and alumni Scholar Leaders.

As part of the EDL 290 course, Scholar Leaders write a This I Believe statement modeled after NPR's This I Believe essay. Scholar Leaders write their personal statements in 500 words or less focusing on a core belief. During the last class period, students have the opportunity to read their essays aloud.

During the banquet, Scholar Leaders - both current and alumni - have the opportunity to network, enjoy a meal together, and address the group sharing reflections, advice, and favorite memories. In addition, select current Scholar Leaders read their This I Believe statements aloud. Everyone who attends the banquet receives a bound publication of the current Scholar Leaders' compiled This I Believe statements.

The Alumni Cluster works together to coordinate, advertise, and implement this Banquet each spring.