EDL 290W

Scholar Leaders are expected to enroll in a Scholar Leader-specific section of the 2-credit EDL 290W: The Nature of Group Leadership course in the fall. This discussion-based course focuses on topics of identity, teamwork, values, power, privilege, and social justice. 

This course meets in the classroom every week throughout the fall semester. During the week, students are expected to meet with their self-selected Scholar Leader Cluster to work on their assigned areas for the Community.

To learn more about the Scholar Leader-specific sections of EDL 290W, please email wilksleadership@miamioh.edu.

*Please note: There are a variety of EDL 290 courses offered for different audiences at Miami University. There are open sections for any student to take, sections for students in a fraternity/sorority, sections for students in the Emerging Leaders Living Learning Community, and sections for leaders of student organizations. The course content varies based on intended audience.