Doctoral Undergraduate Opportunity Scholarships

The DUOS program bridges the gap between graduate and undergraduate research at Miami University. The undergraduate student and graduate student pair will work together on a research project under the supervision of a faculty member in a Ph.D. granting department. Either the undergraduate or graduate student may initiate the application, but the undergraduate student is to have primary authorship of the project.

Eligibility and Program Goals

DUOS is open to any undergraduate student and any post-master’s doctoral student in good standing who agree to abide by program requirements. The selection committee may provide funding for up to 11 awards which will be announced via email in late early December. Each project may receive up to $1,000 total. Awardees must budget 75% of funds to be used in direct support of the research project. The remaining 25% of the funds may be used for dissemination of research results (i.e. publication costs or for conference attendance). The award amount includes $100 per Awardee for participation in the required mentor/mentee training.

Contact Us About DUOS

Monday Oct 17, 2022  Online Application Deadline Submit by 5:00pm 

Office of Research for Undergraduates
Suite 122 King Library

Step 1. Get the Application from your department office.

Read the DUOS Program Guidelines carefully

Step 2. Submit Application Packet

Upload your document as a single PDF file. Include application, original proposal and comments from the graduate student faculty advisor.


You will be notified about the status of your application by the end of fall semester.