Application Instructions

Read the USS Program Guidelines carefully to understand Roles and Responsibilities BEFORE you search for an eligible[1] Miami sponsor who agrees to serve as your USS mentor. 

Participating units are responsible for: selecting student/mentor projects, approving those projects for the required 6 hours of academic credit, assuring the educational value of the student experience and monitoring the student/mentor(s) collaboration. Individual student applicants (who are selected for an award), must agree to abide by all program participation requirements.

Student Responsibility to Submit the USS Application.
The individual student is responsible for submitting a pdf file of this USS application to the administrative unit of your USS mentor by 5:00pm on February 26, 2021.

The student MUST Copy your USS mentor on the email you send to submit your application. This will serve as an electronic signature that both the USS student and the primary mentor agree to abide by the program certification statements.

Create a Cover Page for your USS proposal project.
Click on Formstack application cover page to display a template where you can fill in data for the project, your mentor and yourself. Make sure to take a screenshot of the form. The student will insert the screenshot into the MS word document you create for the planned research project. Document format: 1" margins, single spaced. You may choose to use informative headings to guide department reviewers.

Joint Preparation of the USS project proposal by the student/mentor(s) team
Each individual student/mentor(s) team should JOINTLY prepare the USS application which has three pages. Page 1 asked for student and mentor data. Use the prompts for page 2 and page 3 to write up your independent research proposal. 

On page 1 USS Program Application Cover Page, the student applicant will:

  • Enter data for the student and for the mentor(s). Physical signature is NOT required.  By submitting the application the student and mentor agree to abide by USS program requirements as well as Miami University policies. 

On page 2 Proposed Project Description the student/mentor team will provide

  • the USS research project description or outline. Relevant items may include: the project’s purpose, goal(s) and expected outcomes, as well as expected educational benefits to the student of completing the research project, etc.
On page 3, Plans for USS 2021 Mentoring/Supervision by Faculty and Student Responsibilities
  • the student/mentor team will
    Describe the plan for mentoring the student’s conduct of the research, the expected manner, form and frequency of interactions between the student/mentor(s)
  • Describe the student’s plan to carry out the research project under the mentor(s) guidance, to meet the project milestones, and to manage any product(s) as the result of the research, etc.
  • Share your plans/ideas about dissemination of the project outcomes to non-technical/public audiences,
  • Include a [DEI] statement about how the proposed research, scholarship, or creative activity, or how your participation in the USS program addresses Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

What is a DEI statement? How do you craft a statement?

DEI statement will ideally address multiple facets of how your values and experiences advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in your work. It is customary to write the statement in first person.  Six guiding questions have been developed for consideration by the mentor and student who jointly write a brief DEI statement.

  • How will your research serve the DEI mission of the institution?
  • How will your research contribute to your professional discipline?
  • What are the societal benefits of your research?
  • How is your research relevant for your career development?
  • How will your research project incorporate diversity of thought?
  • How do you take agency/positionality/ownership of your work, and recognize the contribution of others?

[1] USS 2021 Program Guidelines Section II Eligibility, B. Mentor Eligibility