Team Celebrations

Team memberships and quarterly assignment are found below. Questions? Remember, you can always email us at

Team Responsibilities

During the quarter your team is assigned, please take care of the following tasks. Participation is voluntary, but we hope everyone will help out.


  • Monitor the kitchen area. Wipe down surfaces, keep counters and table clean and uncluttered.


  • Sweep the kitchen floor
  • Wipe down the round tables at the borders of the kitchen
  • Launder the dishtowels and return them to the drawer
  • Clean the microwaves, toasters, and other small appliances
  • Restock the supply of paper plates, plastic utensils, and other supplies as needed. A list can be found inside the cabinet door, and extras are in the lower left cabinet.
    • When supplies run low, please chip in and buy more!


  • Host the office birthday celebration. The food doesn't have to be homemade/brought from home necessarily but simply provided by that quad. Each quad/group can dictate the terms of the event, such as type(s) of food, decorations, activities—even a possible theme.

Garden District

Tracy Chappelow
Kristal Humphrey
Carole Johnson
Margo Kissell
Omari Matlock
Susan Meikle
Karen O'Hara
De'Niel Phipps
Claire Wagner

First Quarter
(January, February, March)

Maude Squad

Donna Boen
Josh Chaney
Tracey Clark
Cathy Heinz

Danielle Hinckley
Katelyn Hoy
Barb Maccombs
Michael Mattingly
Jessica Rea
Courtney Wallace

Second Quarter
(April, May, June)

Fun and Games

Alicia Auhagen
Rachel Kelly
Jeri Moore
Lori Osterberger
Cliff Peale
Belinda Rutherford
Erik Seyferth
Jessie Staubach
Jason Walters
Adam Wolfe

Third Quarter
(July, August, September)


Kelly Bennett
Halie Best
Paige Hake
Scott Kissell
Shelli Minton
Todd Pashak
Jeff Sabo
Jon Simon
Sabrina Stanifer

Fourth Quarter
(October, November, December)