Unique Words and Expressions

Cradle of Coaches

Liberal arts college

All lowercase, no hyphen.

Love and Honor

For print, digital, or web communications, spell out fully. Do not use & to replace and.

Miami University

  • Acceptable forms: Miami University, Miami or Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
  • Unacceptable forms: M.U. or Miami U. or Miami of Ohio.
  • Never capitalize university when it stands alone.
  • In most cases, refrain from using university and use Miami instead.

Public Ivy

Capitalize on all references. However, refrain from using Public Ivy as the lead message in communication materials.


Always use this format. RedHawks should also always maintain plurality when talking about the university community as a whole. Any exceptions to this term must be approved by University Communications and Marketing.

*Miami has discontinued the use of the name of its previous mascot. As such, direct references to Miami’s previous mascot should never occur in communication materials. If the reference cannot be avoided, refer to it as “Miami’s former mascot.” If additional information is needed for context, you may include the years that the former mascot was active.

When referring to or communicating historical information, such as resolutions, the name of the former mascot should appear fully in asterisks.

  • In 2015, Miami removed unlicensed ******** products from its retail outlets.

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma

Always capitalized. On first reference, use full name. On subsequent references, Miami Tribe is acceptable. Never use Myaamia Tribe.

The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma maintains a relationship with Miami University. It should never be positioned as a relationship between the Tribe and a specific center, division, or individual. *For further guidance, please refer to the “ethnicity and race” section of this guide.

  • The relationship between the Tribe and the university has created a space within the Tribe’s historic homelands for community healing and reclamation.


When using the word tribe/tribal, always capitalize if used in reference to a specific tribal nation, even if the name of the is not stated.

  • Myaamia students attend Miami University as part of the Myaamia Heritage Award Program. To date, 95 Tribal students have graduated from this program.

When using the word tribe/tribal, but not referring to a specific tribal nation, it does not need to be capitalized.

Myaamia (language)

If Myaamia words are used in conjunction with the English language, capitalize as normal.

  • Neepwaantiinki, the Myaamia word meaning “learning from each other," is a rich interpretation of “partners in learning," a phrase that Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma have used for years to describe their reciprocal relationship.

Since the Myaamia language does not include capital letters, do not capitalize any portion of Myaamia words when they are used alone or in a full Myaamia sentence.

  • apaalintioni nahiteehioni (Love and Honor)
  • myaamia mihši-nipwaantiikaaninki mihtohseeniaki iilweeciki tapaalintioni nahiteehioni (People at Miami University say Love and Honor)

Myaamia people

Myaamia people should only be used to represent members of the Myaamia community, including citizens of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma or members of the Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana.

Do not reference members of the Miami University community, who are not affiliated with the Tribe, as Myaamia. *For further guidance, please refer to the “ethnicity and race” section of this guide.

  • The Myaamia people are a people with a past who are strengthening kinship ties in the present and ensuring their vitality for the future.