We strive to use a friendly, exciting, and personal tone in our communications, talking "with" our audiences as opposed to "at" them. It is our goal to be approachable in tone of voice, and to provide relevant information. So, first-person is desirable, and conversational style preferred.

Miami University uses four main typefaces: one for our logos, two for brand work, and one for athletics.

Adelle MU

Adelle font

Conceived for intensive editorial use, Adelle delivers a very legible look when used in varying text sizes. It has flexibility that makes it a multi-purpose typeface. And it has an energetic character, which as it becomes larger (like for use in headlines and subheadings), allows it to show its personality.


Adelle styles


Gotham font

Gotham is best described as having "an honest tone that's assertive but never imposing, friendly but never folksy, confident by never aloof." The varying weights and widths of Gotham showcase its sophistication and expressiveness.


Gotham Styles


Promesh font

Putting a new spin on an athletic font, Promesh captures the spirit of college life with a blocky serif font. It has a sturdy, serious look and conveys the importance of being steady and bold. It gives a nod to tradition, and when distressed is reminiscent of old-school jerseys from teams of the past.

Adobe Bembo

Gotham font

Used only for our logos, Bembo is inherently easy to read and, while it harkens back to 1495, it has the characteristic of roman typefaces we are familiar with today.

Optional Fonts

In cases where one does not have access to the official brand fonts, substitutes have been identified.

  • Helvetica is commonly found on most computers and can replace Gotham.
  • Roboto Slab is a free google font that can be downloaded and use in place of Adelle.
  • Minion Pro is acceptable as a substitute for Bembo.