Creative Services Request

UCM provides professional consultation and creative design services to the university community. In order to meet the continuous demand for graphic services, UCM must carefully leverage our team's availability based on university initiatives and priorities.

In the event we are unable to complete your request in-house, we have negotiated a reasonable rate of $75/hr for freelance design services with several designers who are trained in Miami's brand. Our team will facilitate your project with the designer, however, your office or department would be billed for the cost.

Once you submit your request, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by our staff to discuss your project requirements, timelines, and resources.

Important Information

  • An online request form must be completed before work begins; this form helps define project needs and audience(s) and ensures we are on target in strategizing the best solution.
  • Content should be final and reviewed/approved by your office/department before submission(minor content, such as dates or room numbers, are an exception as long as we have placeholders).
  • When submitting the content/text, please prioritize the top three messages (in order of importance), such as the purpose, audience, and key messaging.
  • Major changes to content once a project is designed can affect the entire piece and require wholesale redesign, which will delay the project and, if freelanced, result in additional charges.
  • To efficiently use our resources, we attempt to limit rounds of revisions and ask that revisions be consolidated and submitted by one person in your office/department to avoid confusion and error.
  • Two rounds of revisions are recommended; this will help avoid delays that may result in missing deadlines as well as additional, unnecessary expenses if using a freelance designer.
  • Please provide clear and actionable feedback. For example, "Please change photo" is not actionable. However, "Change photo to show a student working in a lab," is clear and specific and thus, actionable.
  • If feedback deadlines are not met, the project delivery date maybe delayed one day for each day missed based on volume of work and production schedule.
  • If you submit multiple projects, please indicate which project(s) take priority.

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