Veterans List


Last Name First name Middle name Branch Rank War
Ackerman Donald Navy Ensign
Adams Christopher Gene Air Force Major
Adams Howard Dwight WWII
Ader James A Navy Lieutenant
Adrick Mark Kevin Navy Captain (O-6)
Adryan Craig Navy Lieutenant
Ahner David Air Force Staff Sergeant
Aleksic Walter Marines LTCL
Alexander Gary F Air Force Captain
Alfers William Army E-3
Allaben Lee Air Force Lt.
Allen Donald L Air Force
Allen, Jr. Dr. John R Army Airforce Medic WWII
Ames Herbert K Navy Captain
Andersen F P Navy Captain, USN
Anderson Roy A Army SFC
Anderson Charles Army Colonel Civil War
Anderson Charles Patrick Army Specialist E-5
Anderson Leland F Army SPC4
Anderson William Albert Army Air Force WWII
Anderson William Sven WWII
Andrews Harry J WWII
Andrews Toby Air Force Major
Annunziata Kimberly Grant Navy O5 - Commander
Anthony Patricia Johnston Navy LCDR
Apfeld Edwin Burns Army WWII
Apple Richard Lee WWII
Arbogast Steven Marines Lieutenant Colonel
Armstrong Patrick Army sergeant
Arndt Lee Warren WWII
Arnow Fredric Navy Lieutenant
Arthur Leslie Army Sgt E-5
Asher Charles Army Corporal Korean
Atkins Tomm H Navy Commander
Aukstuolis Kestutis Navy
Baab Harry Lewis WWII
Bachelder Jon Air Force Captain
Back Robert Lee Army WWII
Badinger Gerald Marines Major
Baehr Terry Navy Lt.
Baer Carlos WWI
Baer James William WWII
Baird John Wilson Civil War
Baker James W Air Force Lt Colonel
Baker Harold Francis WWII
Baldwin Allan Glenn WWII
Ball Brian Army E-5
Banchek Melvin H Army captain
Banks Stephen A Navy Commander
Barbour J Foster WWI
Barker Brent Air Force LT. Col
Barnhart John H Air Force Colonel
Barnhill Joel Navy Ensign
Barrow William Robert WWII
Barton Richard Halstead Navy WWII
Barton Ronald Air Force Sgt., E-4
Baswell Bryce Navy
Batt Brian Air Force Lt Col
Battle Joel Allan Civil War
Battles James B Navy Captain
Bauer Harold William WWII
Bauer David Air Force captain
Baughmann Joseph Robert Army Air Force WWII
Bauman Don Air Force First Lt.
Baumgarten John Navy Commander
Baumhardt Richard Marines Captain
Beal Lonny Air Force Colonel
Beattie Kyle Army SGT
Bechtolt James Paul Navy BM3
Becker Henry Louis WWII
Becker K. Richard Marines E-5
Beckett David Crawford Civil War
Bedford William Navy Ltjg
Bell John Louis Army Private
Bell Thomas Cowan Army Lt. Colonel
Benn Sr. Walter J Navy Lieutenant
Bennett David James Navy CAPT
Berg Lynn Air Force Major
Berg Lynn Air Force Major
Berg Peter W Navy Lieutenant vietnam
Berger Kenneth E Air Force Lt Colonel
Bergman Carl Army Sergant E5
Bernecker William Air Force Major
Berny Glenn Air Force Staff Sargeant
Berry Thomas Air Force Captain
Beyrer Jessie Lee Marines Lance Corporal
Bice Cletus Gene Army Air Force WWII
Biddinger Larry N Air Force Captain
Bieber John Air Force 1st.Lt.
Biever Robert Navy Lieutenant
Birch Susan Ava Air Force Capt
Biser Delmer Levi WWII
Bitzel Donald Navy LTJG
Blackburn Stanley Charles Army Private
Blair Jack Navy LT
Blanke Virgil Edward Navy Petty Officer Third Class
Bletzinger Frederick J Air Force
Blight Steven Navy CDR
Bloom Arthur Navy LTJG
Blumel Raymond Marines Major
Boehm Howard William WWII
Bogle Ronald Navy Captain
Bolen Ernest Wayne Army Spec 5
Bolen John Air Force 1st Lt.
Bondhus Harold M Navy Lt.
Borok Louis Air Force A/1C
Bottesch Richard J Vietnam
Bowers Michael Army Sergeant
Bowers Pamela Brown Air Force Lt Col
Bowling Doyle Marines
Bradley Edward Army E-5
Braffett Fielding Army 1LT
Brandabur Michael Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Bratek Joseph N EN Petty Officer 2nd Class
Brauer Leslie Army E-5
Braun Michael Navy CDR
Brenneman Wilmer E Marines Captain (Fighter Pilot)
Brenner Paul L WWII
Brewer Lawrence LeTulle WWII
Bright Richard R National Guard
Broadright Randall Air Force Major
Bronaugh John Charles Navy Lieutenant JG
Brooks William E Army WWII
Brown Robert Stewart Civil War
Brown Matthew Army SPC-E4
Brown L.G.Michael Navy Commander
Brown Ricky Army Captain
Brown Stephen Haywood Navy Lieutenant
Brown L.G.Michael Navy Commander
Browne Stephanie S. S. Army COL
Broznak Valerie Navy LCDR
Bruch, Jr. Donald William Air Force 1st Lt. Vietnam
Bruck Paul Navy Lieutenant
Brucks Robert Louis WWII
Bruen Luther B Civil War
Bruner, Sr. Fred Joseph Army Lieutenant
Bryan Norman Robert WWII
Buckley F. Patrick Navy LT
Buffamante Joseph Marines Still serving as Major
Bullock Philip Milton WWII
Burdick Gary Navy Lt.
Burgess Jeremiah Air Force Still active
Burgett James Navy LT
Burk Robert J WWII
Burke Donald Marines Major
Burkhardt Neil Curtis Marines Corporal
Burkhouse Peter Navy Captain
Burns James Navy Lt.jg.
Burts Melinda Miller Air Force NA
Buschhaus Ernest Marines Colonel
Bussard James Robert WWII
Butler Zachary Taylor Navy
Byrd Paul R Navy Captain
Byrne John Navy Captain
Cadwallader Jeffrey Army
Cahill Joseph Navy Lieutenant
Cain James Robert WWII
Calder Jeffrey Air Force Colonel
Caldwell James Parks Army 1st Lt.
Callsen Christian E Navy Lieutenant
Cameron Malcolm Cullen Army LT
Cameron Donald King WWII
Cameron Scott Navy LT
Camut Kenneth Joseph Navy Commander O-5
Canada Herbert H Army corporal
Cannon Paul Air Force Colonel
Cappelletti Edward M Army
Capuano John Navy Lieutenant (O3)
Caputo Karena Redd Marines Capt
Caraglia Louis Marines
Carnell Robert Navy LT
Carnes John Neal WWII
Carpenter Elwood Cloy Army Major WWI and WWII
Carroll Brian Marines Captain
Carruthers Ralph R Marines Marine Gunnery Sergeant Korean War
Carter Owen T Navy LCDR, USNR (Ret.)
Carter Rick Air Force Colonel
Case Karl Edwin Army Captain Vietnam War
Casey James Air Force Colonel
Casey Johnathon Navy
Cassidy Lawrence M Marines Captain
Cassidy Robert James WWII
Cavalaris George J Army CPL
Cayton John Navy Lieutenant (O-3)
Cepluch Bryan Frank Air Force CMSgt
Chadbourne Susan Air Force
Champley Margaret Army Lieutenant Colonel
Chandler Robert Air Force Captain
Chapman Bruce Navy Commander, Supply corps
Chase Dudley Smith Army Air Force WWII
Cherry David Willard WWII
Chester Tina Gilley Air Force Colonel
Childs James H Civil War
Chinnock Edward Air Force Captain
Christensen Paul Army SP 3
Christian Jack WWII
Cifuentes Michael J Marine Lance Corporal Iraq
Clark Betty Army 1st LT WWII
Clark James Navy Captain (O-6)
Clawson, Jr. James F Coast Guard WWII
Cleverdon Thomas Army Specialist 5th Class
Cline Ralph Navy Lt
Clulee Arthur WWII
Codiano Joseph D Army Sgt (T)
Cogdell Charles Army
Colabuno Edward J Marines WWII
Collier John Clark WWII
Collier George Navy Lieutenant
Collopy James M WWII
Colucci Anthony Robert Navy Captain
Combs Timothy Guy Army Specialist 5th Class
Conrad Carlton James Army Captain
Cook Bradley Navy QM2
Cook Cheryl Army 2nd Lieutenant Gulf War
Cook Christian Navy CDR
Cool Albert Burton WWII
Cool Albert Burton Army Air Force WWII
Coolican Donald Navy CAPT
Coppock Jared Army
Corbett John Navy CDR
Corson Dan W Army Air Corps 1st Lieutenant WWII
Cottingim Robert Army CPT
Couse Matthew Navy Ensign, HM2
Covel Orlin Eugene Army Air Force WWII
Cox Douglas R Army Sergeant
Cox Gary Army E-5
Cox Wendell Navy Lieutenant
Crain Homer Edward WWII
Crawford Dohrman Air Force Lt Col
Crawley Vaughn Max Navy
Cropper David Lee Army
Croswell Dan Navy
Cullen Michael Marines Major
Curry Todd Navy LT (O-3)
Damianos John A. Army 1st/Lt.
Daniels Keith Daniels Navy lcdr
Dannemann Ryan Air Force Still Serving
Davis Douglas E Lieutenant Colonel Vietnam
Davis Duane Army Sergeant
Davison Norman R Airforce Captain Vietnam
Deahl Robert Navy Lieutenant (O-3)
Deane Nelson Army E5 SGT
Debernarde Arthur William WWII
DeCesare Sylvester "Sy" L Marine WWII
Decker Franklin Navy Commander
Denney William Air Force Sergeant
Denser Ralph William WWII
DePuy Clyde Adonald Army Air Force WWII
Derr Richard Harold Army Sergeant
Dewald Aric B Marines Captain
DeWitt Ross Air Force Captain
Deyo John Raymond Army Sergeant Vietnam
Dickerson Matthew Air Force Captain
Dickey Cyrus Ewing Army Civil War
Diebel Frederic Duane Navy Chief Machinist Mate
Diedrichsen Lloyd Navy LTJG WWII
Dietsch David Alan Air Force Colonel
DiFabio Darrell Navy CDR
Dillman Richard (Dick) Lee Air Force
Dillon David Francis Marines
Dillon James Patrick Marines WWII
Dillow William Air Force Major
DiMarino Timothy Navy
Dipuccio Andrew Navy Commander
DiVito Joseph Anthony Navy Commander
Dohner Norman Alfred Army WWII
Doll Robert Franklin Army
Dolvin Kevin Ray Marines Captain
Domboski Kenneth Navy Lieutenant
Dombro Kurt Joseph Army First Lieutenant
Donnelly William John Navy Captain
Dougherty Edward Dunn WWII
Dougherty Clark Marines LtCol
Dougherty Charles Navy Captain (O-6) Retired
Dowd Bernard Michael Army Air Corps WWII
Doyle Kelly Army vetern - vietnam
Doyle Tom Army
Draper James Navy Commander
Draudt Rowland Curtis WWII
Dray David Army Sergeant E-5
Dresbach John William WWII
Dryden Harry Perkins WWII
DuBois Theodore Joseph WWII
Dudley Christopher Army Specialist
Duffy Michael Stephen Marines Major
Duffy Thomas Navy O-6 (Captain)
Dugan Scott Army SGT
Duley Matthew L Navy Petty Office 2nd Class
Dundon Jeffrey Raymond Navy Commander
Dunn Nathan Palmer Civil War
Durnell Peter Air Force Major
Durrant David Air Force Colonel Selectee
Dush Richard Air Force Colonel
Duttweiler David C Air Force
Eakins Daniel Army Major
Easter James Lake WWII
Eberhard Shana Schenk Navy LT
Eberst William Air Force Major
Eberwine Scott Navy CAPTAIN
Edelmann Stephen Army Specialist 6
Eder Carole Memmer Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Edminister James Andrew Navy O-4
Edsall Samuel H Navy E-5 STG2
Edwards Frederick Whittlesey Airforce WWII
Ehrlich Annette Air Force Major
Eiler Kenneth Army WWII
Eisman Leon Air Force Lt Col
Elbert Michael Navy CDR
Elkowitz Brian Navy CAPTAIN
Elliott Charles Navy Commander
Ellis Robert K Navy LT JG
Ellis A Nelson Infantry Civil War
Ellison Stacey Army E4
Erbele Douglas Navy Captain (06)
Erchinger Ralph Air Force Colonel (0-6)
Erne Gary Army Specialist 4
Erwin Robert Navy LT
Erwin Scott Navy LT
Estep Wade Army
Estes J. Navy
Estes J Michael Navy
Etheridge Michael Navy Commander
Etheridge Robert F Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade
Evans Kirk E Navy Captain
Evans Barry C Air Force Captain
Evans Basil Navy Lt (jg)
Evans Brian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Evans Randy Coast Guard Senior Chief
Evans Michael A Navy Lieutenant Commander
Ewing Willis I Army WWII
Falconer Jerome B Civil War
Falconer John Wods Civil War
Farnette Robert Air Force LTC
Faro Donald Randall Marines First Lieutenant
Faro Randy
Farris George Kay Navy CDR Vietnam
Faulk David Navy Lt.(jg)
Fay John Navy E5
Fazio Peter J Navy E8 Vietnam
Felsenthal Norman Navy Lieutenant ( junior grade )
Fenner James Henry Navy LCDR
Ferguson Lynn M Army PFC Vietnam
Ferrell David Air Force Captain
Fey Thomas Curpen Army 1LT Infantry Vietnam
Fickler John M Air Force Lt. Col
Fink Robert Army SP3
Fisher David Navy Lt(jg)
Fisher George Army Specialist 4
Fisher William Andrew WWII
Fister Bruce Army 2LT
Flege Jack Air Force Captain
Flickinger Lowell K Army LTC
Flinchpaugh James E WWII
Foegler Frank Air Force Lt Col
Foerst Denis Army SP-5
Forester Donald Air Force Captain
Formanek George WWII
Forster Robert William Army Sgt
Forte Bruce Navy Lieutenant Commander
Foster Charles Civil War
Foster William Earl Army SP4 Vietnam
Foust Jason Marines Lance Corporal
Fowler Amanda Semple Navy Commander (O-5)
Fowler Robert Marines 1st Lieutenant
Fox Lyle Scott Army WWII; Korean War
Fox Robert Navy Lieutenant
Frallic Bruce Marines Captain
Frank David Air Force Lt. Col.
Frazer Stuart A Air Force Captain
Frazier Robert Navy CDR
Freeman Jeffrey A Army SGT Vietnam
French Donald B. Air Force Colonel
Freund William Navy LT
Frey Anthony Navy CAPT
Fritze James Napier Coast Guard Auxillary, US Army and US Navy Lieutenant, Pilot WWII
Fry John Oscar 2nd Lieutenant
Fugitt Elizabeth Manko Navy LT / O3
Fuller, Jr. James Edgar Army SGT
Fulton Daniel Navy Lieutenant, SC
Gabler Barry Navy Captain ( O-6)
Gabor Edward John WWII
Gallagher Thomas Navy Captain, USN
Gallaspie Kent Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5), Seaman 3rd Class
Gambrell Robert Army MAJOR
Gardner Mark Navy LTJG
Garnett Robert Army Corporal
Garret Leo A Vietnam
Garrison James Olin Navy CDR
Gasser Kenneth Navy
Gaston William Robert WWII
Gault Randall Air Force LtCol
Gedra David Navy LCDR
Gehb Elmer WWII
Geiger Chester Army E-5
Gelfand Ivan Army Corporal
Gerhardt Erwin Navy Lt. JG
Gifford John Bennett Navy LTJG
Gilbert Howard Ross WWII
Gilbert Philip Air Force Captain
Gilleland Billy Ravelle Army
Gillespie Warren Bower WWII
Gilliland David Marines Captain
Givens Charles Edward WWII
Glaser Michael Henry Navy Captain
Glasgow Will Wellington WWII
Glass Robert Army Sergeant
Glauner David Air Force Lt Col
Glauser John Edward Army Sergeant
Gleason Carl Leslie WWII
Goldman Linda Nehrenz Air Force Captain
Goldstein Martin J Navy WWII
Gooden C. Michael Navy Commander
Goodman Walter Julius WWII
Goodwin Russell WWI
Gordon David E Navy
Gordon Enoch M Civil War
Gordon John S Air Force Vietnam
Gorham Arthur Fullbrook WWII
Gorman James Navy Lieutenant Commander
Gosney James Air Force Captain
Gossett Jason Air Force
Grabeman Victor E Army Captain
Graeter Paul Navy
Grafe Robert Air Force Colonel
Gragg Charles Navy LCDR
Graham Edward Army
Gramlick Carl Stephen Air Force Colonel
Graney John Gladstone WWII
Grant Sherman Army
Gratsch Jeremy Army Sergeant
Graves Terrence C Marine 2LT Vietnam
Gravitt Emmett WWII
Gray-Whitman Lamont Army 1st Lieutenant
Greenberg Alan Army private
Greene Lawrence G Army Lieutenant Colonel
Greenwald Alan J Air Force
Grennan Lawrence E Philippine-American War
Griffin Gregory Navy CAPT(O-6)
Griffin Richard Navy Captain (O-6)
Griffith Harold Dean Marines Sgt
Griffo Morgan Air Force N/A
Grimes Gary Navy Commander
Grimes James Navy Lieutenant Commander
Grooms Ural Preston Army Air Force WWII
Gross Harold Jewett Army Engineers WWII
Grywalski James Walter Marines Captain
Guarino Frank Navy Lt, FTM3
Guindon Susan Welsh Air Force Captain
Guinn Mattern WWI
Gunderman Thomas Army E-5
Gurney Walter J Navy Captain
Gustafson Charles B Navy Commander (O5)
Gyure Ronald Air Force Lt Col
Haag Richard John WWII
Hahn Mary Kay Ryan Navy Lieutenant
Haley George Navy Commander
Hall Dale Army
Hall Thomas Navy LT
Haller Dale Navy LCDR
Haller Stephen E Army E-5
Hallihan James Army Specialist 4th Class
Hamelberg Kim S Navy Captain
Hancock Frederick Navy LCDR
Handyside Kenneth Day WWII
Hannah Samuel J Marine 2LT Vietnam
Hannon Patrick Marine E-6
Hans Sr. Robert John Air Force Staff Sergent
Hansel Robert Marines LTCOL
Hansen John Denison Army SP5 E-5 (T)
Hanson Robert Taft Navy deceased Vietnam
Harley George L WWII
Harp Derek Navy Lieutenant O-3
Harriman Jeffery Navy LT
Harrington Donald Edgar Navy LTJG
Harris Eldon Navy Captain
Harris Kenneth Army Korean War
Harris Wayne Air Force Major
Hart J H Infantry Civil War
Hart John Michael Navy Commander
Hart Burns Derrell Army
Harter Joseph Stebbs Civil War
Harvey, Jr. Thomas Guille Navy CAPTAIN
Haskins Robert Air Force E-4
Hasl Robert Air Force Captain
Hautz William James WWII
Hawk Jeffrey Navy PO2
Hawken Scott Air Force Captain O-3
Hawkins Lawrence Navy LTjg
Hayes Edward L Air Force Captain
Hays Matthew Navy O-4 / Lieutenant Commander
Hazeltine James F Infantry Civil War
Hecht William I Army E-5
Heck Stephen Air Force LtCol
Heckelman Loren Navy Captain
Hefner F[rank] Willis Army 1st Lt WWII
Heim Todd Navy CDR
Hein Jonah Navy Lieutenant
Heinbeck Otto H WWII
Heine David Navy 06/CAPT
Heintzelman Charles Edward WWII
Heisman Charles Frank WWII
Heitsman Robert H WWII
Helgeson Guy SP4
Heller Gordon Colin Army
Henkle Thomas Navy Lieutenant Commander
Hennigar David Lewis WWII
Henry Scott Air Force Captain
Hensley Christopher Wayne US Marine corp
Hering John J Civil War
Herr Harry Robert WWII
Hertog Mary Kay Air Force Major General
Hieber Nicholas Navy
Hieronimus J. Peter Navy Lt
Higgins William "Rich" Marines Colonel
Hill Martha A Navy CDR
Hill Richard H WWII
Hinkel Robert Arthur WWII
Hirselj Mark Air Force
Hitzfield Charles US Army 2nd Lieutenant WWII
Hoffman Jon Marines Colonel
Hoffman, Jr. Lawrence Henry Air Force Colonel
Hogan James Army SP5
Hogan Martin Air Force Captain
Holland Clayburn Air Force Major (still serving)
Holmes Christie Navy LCDR
Holmes Robert D Marines WWII
Holoviak Nicholas J Air Force Colonel
Hooper Rebecca Storey Army Colonel
Hoppert Herschel Army SP/4
Horner James Navy Lieutenant Commander
Hough Charles Eugene WWII
Houser Dave Air Force Captain
Hovt Daniel King PVT E WWII
Hoxie Andrew Navy Lieutenant Commander
Hoxie Mark Air Force Captain
Hoyt Daniel King Army PVT E WWII
Huber Henry Air Force Captain
Huffman John Robert WWII
Hunt Terry Navy Lcdr
Hurwitz Julius Nathaniel Army Air Force WWII
Hussey Walter Air Force 1st Lt.
Hussey Sean McDonald Navy Captain
Hussmann James Air Force Captain
Hutzel Tim Army Specialist Fourth Class
Hyde Quentin Douglas WWII
Hyde Sheffield Saunders Army Korean War
Hyden Christopher Army Specialist
Hyer Timothy Air Force Currently Lt Col
Illig Eric Air Force
Irish Keith Leroy WWII
Irvine Clyde Ernest WWII
Irvine Donald G Army PFC
Irvine Nancy Sanders Army PFC
Irwin Robert Navy CDR
Jachimowicz Eric Air Force Lt Col
Jackson E Gregg Air Force Captain
Jackson James Air Force SSGT
Jackson William Navy Captain (0-6)
Jacob Donald Howard Army S SGT
Jacobs Frederick Mark Navy LCDR
Jacobs Frederick Thomas Navy LCDR
Jakob John Navy Lt
James Bruce Edward WWII
Janeway Michael Air Force Lt Col
Jarvis Ernest Army Sergeant E-5
Jarvis Tracy Shumaker Army Specialist
Jaworski Scot Marines Major
Jennings Norman Navy PO 2nd Class
Jensen Christian Marines 1st Lt currently serving
Jerome Maynard Morgan WWII
Jessup Andrew Air Force Captain
Jewett Harold WWII
Johnson Jim Army SP5
Johnson Terry Johnson Air Force Sargeant
Johnson Thomas H WWII
Johnson, Jr. J. Richardson Navy Aerographer's Mate, Second Class, SV-6
Johnston Mark Edwin Army Sergeant
Jones Abner Francis Army Civil War (Union)
Jones Dale Army Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)
Jones Donald Army Private 1st Class
Jones George Emerson Air Force 1LT Vietnam
Jones James G Air Force Major General
Jones Richard LeRoy WWII
Jones Richard Air Force Captain
Jones Roger A Navy Captain
Jones Theodore L WWII
Jones Waldo D Navy lt. Comdr.
Jordan W Jones Infantry Civil War
Joseph William C Navy
Jung Otto Henry Army
Kah Ralph Army Captain
Kahl Vernon Baird Army Air Force WWII
Kauffman Frank Army E-5
Kaufman Yale W WWII
Kearns Richard O Navy Merchant Marine Officer
Keaton John Marines Sergeant
Keck Daniel Navy Lieutenant
Keels Frederick Hale WWII
Keiser Eric Navy Commander
Keller Duane Navy Lieutenant
Kelley Justine Air Force Major
Kelley John D Air Force
Kendrick Joseph Navy Lieutenant Commander
Kenley Howard A Army First Lieutenant
Kennedy J M Civil War
Kent Barry Air Force 1st LT.
Kerber Howard Navy
Kerr Harry Robert US Navy WWII
Kersting Richard A WWII
Kikta Jason Marines Major
Kilburn Richard Air Force Colonel
Killough James Navy Lt
Kincaid James W Civil War
King John W Air Force Corporal
King G Roger Air Force Capt
King Francis Army Sp3
Kingsley Charles Keith US Airforce WWII
Kirk Dwight Army E5
Kitchen Isaac Navy LCDR
Kittel Edward Navy LCDR
Kittleson Neil David Navy Lieutenant
Klima Robert Army T-5
Kline William Allen WWII
Kluse Michael Air Force First Lieutenant
Knight David Air Force Still Serving
Knipple Warren Kenneth WWII
Knoll John C Navy LT
Knoll Marcus Navy Lieutenant, still on Active Duty
Knotts Jr Kenneth J Marines
Koch Roger Army E-4
Koon Robert Navy LCDR
Koper Stephen Air Force Brigadier General
Kotek Kenneth Marines Sergeant
Kovesci Louis Army
Krause Alan Army Sgt.
Kruse Jeffrey Air Force Still Active - Brig Gen
Krusemark Brian Army Captain
Krzynowek Michael Air Force Major
Kubiak John Henry WWII
Kuhn James Army Staff Sgt.
Kunkel James Navy Lieutenant J.G.
Lack William Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class
Laemmle Frank Marines Captain
Laird James Navy Lieutenant (O-3)
Lambert David Army Lieutenant Colonel
Lamont Frederick C Air Force Lt Col
Landfried Lawrence Air Force 1st Lt.
Landon Samuel WWI
Lang David A Marines Lieutenant Colonel
Lang Jerry Air Force LtCol
Laughlin Stanley K. Navy Vietnam
Lawrence David Wilson Navy Captain (O6) USNR (Ret.)
Lawrence Scott Air Force Lt Col
Lawrence David W Navy Captain
Lawyer James Air Force TSgt (Active)
Lawyer James Air Force TSgt (Active)
Lee Robert Navy Captain
Lehr, Richard Raymond-1945 Richard Raymond WWII
Leibolt Edward J WWII
Leiker Sandra Kogon Air Force Lt Col (O-5)
Lemming Gary E Navy CDR
Lerer Edward Air Force Captain
LeTulle Lawrence Brewer Navy WWII
Leugers Sean Marines Captain
Lewis Allen Air Force Captain
Lewis James Navy Lieutenant
Lewis, Jr. Carroll H WWII
Liddell William R Civil War
Lieberman Melvin E WWII
Lilly Peyton Richard Army
Lindquist Andrea Sabo Air Force Captain
Lindsay Peter Navy LT
Lippert Keith Navy Vice Admiral
Litwak Albert Army WWII
Locke Randall Marines Major
Lockhart Raymond Navy lieutenant
Lockwood William Lewis Army Capt Civil War
Logan C Patrick Navy Lieutenant Commander
Long Amos Air Force Colonel Vietnam
Long William C Army LTC
Longcoy Harry Smith WWII
Lopina David Allen Army Colonel
Lorenz Donald Army
Loring Paul Michael Navy Lieutenant
Lough James Madison Civil War
Love James Navy Lieutenant (O-3)
Loveman Donald W WWII
Loxley Gary Army Colonel (still serving)
Luechauer George Navy Captain
Luechauer George Robert Navy Captain
Luecke, Jr. John David Army Staff Sgt.
Luker Charles Wiliam Navy Lieutenant Commander
Lyden Richard
Lyons Michael K Navy LT
Macke Robert J Air Force O-6 Col
MacLeod Malcolm Army
Magaw William Civil War
Magaw William Alexander WWII
Mahoney George William Marines Korean War
Mains Richard WWI
Malafa Edward Charles WWII
Malick Kevin W Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade
Mallen Janet Marines Sergeant
Mallett William Air Force S/Sgt
Malley Bill Army Korea
Malloy Douglas Air Force Lt. Col
Mandeville Donald Navy LCDR
Maness Tyler Navy
Mangin Daniel F Navy LCDR
Manini Gary Air Force Colonel
Mann Robert A Korean War
Manson Kristin Navy
Manthey Arthur George WWII
Marfing Sally S Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Marquet Matthew Marines Active
Marshall J Richard Marines 1st Lieutenant
Martin Wayne WWII
Martin Michael Joseph Navy LCDR Vietnam
Martin David Army Specialist E-5
Martin Donald Air Force Staff Sergeant
Martin Donald Navy Lieutenant (O-3)
Martin Jeremy Air Force Capt (currently serving)
Martinez Leo Air Force 1LT (current)
Martino Frank Marines LtCol
Martino-Pearson Patricia Martino Marines Major
Mason Lee Navy Captain
Mason Franklin Curtis Air Force Korean War
Mason II Lee Charles Navy Captain
Massa Anthony Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Matthes Charles H WWII
Matthews Charles W Army Staff Sargent
Matvey Paul Army Specialist Fourth Class
Maxton Gary Air Force Colonel
May John W Navy Lt. j.g.
Mayer Laurel Air Force Colonel
Maynard James Navy Captain USNR
Maynard Robert Marion Army (Enlisted)
McCarty John B Navy Lt
McClain Michael Henry Army Specialist, Sergeant
McClanahan James Air Force Colonel
McCleskey Edward Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
McConville (Farling) Maria Dawn Army Captain
McCoy Raymond Air Force Major
McCracken S W Infantry Civil War
McCullough Daniel Army MAJ (current)
McDonald Robert Navy Lt.
McFarland John Elliot WWII
McFillen James Army Specialist 5th Class (E-5)
McGee David Lee Navy CDR
McGill James Army Specialist 4th Class
McGovern Rebecca Hamparian Air Force Captain
McIntyre Harold Air Force 1st Lieutenant
McIntyre Brendan Marines Captain
McKee John Civil War
McKinney Clemie Navy LT Vietnam
McKnight Paul V WWII
McLandburgh Henry Johnson Civil War
McLeary Daniel
McLeod Michael John Army Specialist E5
McMack Jonathan Navy CDR (O5)
McMahan W. Howard Air Force
McMahon Eugene Francis WWII
McNamee James Air Force First Lieutenant
McVicker Donald T WWII
McWilliams Walter Marines Sergeant E5
Meder Robert James WWII
Meeks Paul Raymond WWII
Meeks Paul Raymond Army Air Force WWII
Meiser Ford Dwight Navy Comander
Melville Peter Navy E-5
Mendelsohn Stuart Bernard Army Air Force WWII
Menefee Charles Raymond WWII
Metes Nicholas Army 1LT
Metzger Steven Navy CDR
Michael David Air Force Captain
Michaelsen Heather Air Force Captain
Miglioranzi Michael Air Force Major
Milam James Army SP5
Milholland Frank Air Force Master Sergeant
Miller David Navy Lieutenant
Miller David Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Miller David Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Miller Gail Gene Army Air Force WWII
Miller Gail Junge Navy Lieutenant Commander
Miller John Henry Civil War
Miller Kenneth Air Force Captain
Miller Wendell Clark WWII
Miller William H Civil War
Miller Richard P Navy WWII
Miller David M Navy
Miller Lois Navy Lieutenant
Milliken Minor Civil War
Mills Robert Air Force Captain
Mills Michael Air Force Captain
Miracle Richard Victor WWII
Miskell Robert John WWII
Mitchell James A Army
Mitroff Edward James Army Korean War
Mondul Steven Navy CAPT
Monnin Sebastian Air Force
Monnin Theodore Air Force Still in Air Force
Montague Kenneth Air Force LtCol
Montaine Edward J WWII
Montgomery Michael Air Force LtCol
Moon Albert Marines Sgt
Moon Robert A Civil War
Morgan Robert Marines Captain Vietnam
Morgan Robert F Marine CAPT Vietnam
Morgan Robert Marines Captain
Morphey Lori Air Force E-4
Morrison James Navy LTJG
Morrow John Air Force airman first class
Morrow John Navy Captain (O6)
Moul John Army Captain
Mowery James Army Staff Sergeant
Moyer John Air Force
Mudge Bruce Navy LTJG
Mullaney Michael Navy Captain
Munday James Donald Korean War
Murphy Michael Army E-8/ Master Sergeant
Murray Kathleen Hilbert Air Force Major
Murray Stanley Air Force Staff Sergeant
Mushrush William Leroy WWII
Myers Allen Navy LCDR
Myers Harry James WWI
Myers William George Army WWII
Nardelli James J Captain
Nearing Richard "Bud" Carl Army Air Corp x 3 years Army Signal corp x 2 years WWII
Neely Grant Navy Lieutenant Commander
Neff Richard Army E-4
Nein Raymond W Navy
Nelson Nicholas N Army Unknown
Nenni Paul Marines E-4 Vietnam
Newbright John E Newbright Army SP/3
Newman Walter S Air Force S/Sgt
Newman Walter Civil War
Nichol Jessica Ibarra Air Force Colonel
Nichols John Army SGT (E-5)
Nieman Robert Air Force Staff Sergeant
Noonan Michael Navy O-5
Nurmi Thomas Army Spec 5
O'Brien Alex Marines Captain
O'Connell James J WWII
O'Connor Michael Air Force Colonel
O'Neil James P Navy Assault Communications Officer WWII
Oberhelman Robert S WWII
Olds William Woodruff Civil War
Olenick Michael Anthony Navy Commaner
Onie Milton Sherman WWII
Orman Max Lee Van WWII
Osborne Ralph Harrison WWII
Ostberg Roy Army Lt. Col
Ostermann Edwin Eugene Air Force Cpl
Ott Kevin Army Specialist
Overmier James Robert WWII
Owens Bruce Navy Captain
Owings Malcolm W Navy Pharmacist mste
Pabin Lawrence Air Force Lt Col
Pachuta Roger J Navy Commander
Page Charles J Marines Major
Painter Chris Navy LT
Pairan Craig Navy Lieutenant
Palmer Richard Army Specialist 5
Pappas John Army SGT E-5
Papurt Maxwell Jerome US Army Major WWII
Parker W Scott Army Civil War
Parker Gary Rodman Army SP5
Parkinson William Air Force Captain
Parthe William Navy Lt Commander
Patrick C. Air Force 1st LT
Pawlak Mark Navy CAPTAIN
Paxton Michael Army Captain
Peiffer Robert Navy Captain
Peirce Robert V Air Force Sgt.
Peirce Richard F Army Lt.
Pembroke Eugene K Army Sergeant
Pence Herbert Army Spec-4, E-4
Penoff, MD James Army captain
Perhala Nicole Air Force
Perhala Ryan Air Force
Persons Barbara South Air Force Colonel
Petal John D Marine PFC Vietnam
Peters Donald Air Force Major
Peters Thomas Army Colonel
Peterson William Navy Captain
Petzold Ray Ellsworth WWII
Pheanis Clifford C WWII
Phillips James Air Force Colonel Vietnam
Phillips II Clark A. Marines Major
Pickelheimer Keith Air Force Captain
Pickering Robert Frederick Army Air Force 2 LT WWII
Pierson Stanley Wilbur WWII
Pierson Matthew Marines Captain
Piper, Jr. George E Army Lieutenant
Pollak Daniel Navy LT
Pollock Clifford Raymond Air Force Colonel
Pollock Donald Ney Army Air Force WWII
Pollock Robert Air Force Colonel
Porter William L Civil War
Porter Ernest Navy V5
Poth James Edward Navy Lt
Powell John Parker Air Force Capt Vietnam
Power Walter A US Army Private WWII
Pratt Dana Navy Lieutenant
Price Michael C Civil War
Price David Johnston Air Force CAPT Vietnam
Probert Jeffrey Marines Captain
Prosek James Navy LCDR, still in
Prosek Jeffrey Navy Lieutenant Commander
Prouty William Army E5
Pyun Dr. Chong Soo US Army Translator; Captain Korea
Quain Kapra Merideth Army SSG
Quinn Nathaniel Army 1LT- still active
Quinn Richard Navy Lieutenant Commander Vietnam War
Rafter Robert L Air Force Captain
Rafter Robert Air Force Captain
Raines, Jr. Guy M WWII
Raker Donald Army Specialist E5
Ralston Joseph Air Force General
Randall Jr. William Joseph Navy LT
Raster Stephen Navy Lieutenant Commander
Reardon William Navy Lieutenant Commander
Reardon William Navy Lieutenant Commander
Reed Michael F Air Force First Lieutenant
Rees Wilson (Will) D Military WWII; Korean
Reese Doren
Reese Dennis Navy Captain
Reese Dennis Navy Captain
Reeves Joseph Air Force Major
Reeves-Flores Nancy Reeves Air Force Colonel
Reid Hugh Thompson Civil War
Reily James Civil War
Rentschler Herbert Dale Air force
Rhoades Eugene Franklin US Army 1 LT WWII
Rhoades William T Air Force 5/Sergeant
Rhodes Christopher Navy Sergeant E5 Afghanistan: Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Riddle Joseph WWII
Rieke William Navy LCDR
Ries George Marin WWII
Riesenberg Jerome Air Force SSgt
Rinn Kevin Navy LT 03
Ritchie Kent WWI
Rix James Air Force Colonel
Roark Bradley Navy ET3
Robbins Susan Sheldon Air Force Lt Col
Roberts George W Infantry Civil War
Roberts Douglas Marines Major
Roberts Russell Navy LCDR
Robins James
Robins John Winfield Air Force Major
Robinson Kenneth Earl WWII
Robinson, Jr. Fred Air Force Sergeant E-5
Robison William J Army Master Sergeant
Rockaway James F Air Force Captain
Rogers Edgar DeLoss WWII
Rogers Robert Selby WWII
Rogers Wm. Walter Marines Major General
Rogers III William Albert
Rohleder James Patrick Army Specialist
Romanowski Stanley James Navy Lieutenant Vietnam
Rose Kermit Irwin WWII
Rosen Lawrence Navy LTJG (SC)
Ross Nicklous Navy Captain
Rouse Wildon Mellinger Navy WWII
Roush Eddie Air Force Lt Col
Roush John Marines major
Routt Douglas Byrum Air Force colonel
Routt William Air Force Colonel
Rowe Roger E Army Brigadier General
Rowe Jon Jeremiah Navy Lieutenant Commander
Ruggles III John (Jack) Richard Marine 2LT Vietnam
Ruiz-Krause Elena Army N/A
Runkle Benjamin Piatt Army Major General
Runyan Joseph Bashford WWII
Rupert Donald Air Force Captain
Rupp William G Navy Lt j.g.
Rusk Floyd Daniel WWII
Russell Rickie Lee Navy Lieutenant Commander
Russell Joseph Marines
Ryan Michael Clarkson Infantry Civil War
Ryan Richard E USAF Mathematics Instructor
Ryan Costello Army
Ryan III Joseph Robert Army 1LT Vietnam
Ryder Michael Air Force Captain
Ryser James Air Force A1C
Sachs Kenneth Christian Navy LCDR
Sadler William K Civil War
Salem Donald L Marines Captain
Sanderson Eric Navy Commander (CDR)
Sarkisian Edward Air Force Major
Sarles John Edward WWII
Sauer Paul S WWII
Sawyer Willits Navy LT
Saylor Gerald Army Captain - Infantry
Scearse David Air Force Colonel
Scheehle Jack Army Air Forces WWII
Scherpenberg Steven Air Force Staff Sergeant
Scherrer Richard D Air Force
Scherry Eldon WWII
Scheuer Donald WWII
Schindel David Air Force
Schliesman Deborah Kruchek Air Force Technical Sergeant
Schmidt Katherine
Schmidt Katherine
Schneider Thomas Navy LCDR
Schnell George Navy LT
Scholl Leland WWII
Schoolcraft Alan Air Force Colonel
Schottelkotte James Edward Army
Schroeder Richard Air Force CAPTAIN
Schroeffel Thomas A Navy LTJG Vietnam
Schulman Andrew Navy CAPTAIN (0-6)
Schulman Dale Marines Captain
Schulstad Jon Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Schulz Roger Navy lieutenant
Schutt Norman Air Force Colonel
Schutte Richard Army Sergeant
Schutter David Army Captain
Schutzenberger Lynda Zolman Navy Lieutenant
Schweizer Alvin Air Force Colonel
Schwind Dennis C Air Force E-4
Schwinn Edward Air force Korean War
Scobey Franklin Howard Army Private
Scott Paul Navy CDR
Seaman Richard Glenn Army Sergeant Vietnam
Seckel Keith Navy E4
Secrest John H Infantry Civil War
Seguin Thomas Air Force Staff Sergeant
Seigrist Allen E Army Korean War
Seiler Franklin Carl WWII
Seils James Army E-7
Seils James Army E-7
Sekardi Brian Andrew Marines Ist Lt
Selby Lowell B Army private
Seres Frank Joseph WWII
Sergent Jon Army Captain
Seyfferle William John Navy WWII
Shafer Walter R Navy Captain, O-6
Shaiman Amy Greenbaum Navy Ensign
Shakley David Air Force Lt Colonel
Shank Gary K Army
Shapiro Richard Air Force Colonel
Sharick Clark Graham Army
Sharp John Air Force Captain
Shaw Robert Navy Captain
Shaw Robert Navy Captain
Shaw Robert Navy Lieuten
Shearer Robert Marines Active Duty
Sheedy Maurice "Moe" J US Army Korea
Sheets Robert Air Force Captain
Shepard Marlan Lyle Army
Shera Thomas Air Force Col
Sherman Jeffrey Army Major (Currently)
Shewalter Virginia Isabelle Army Captain
Shields Timothy L Marines Capt
Shook Paul F Air Force SGT
Shugart Chris Marines Corporal
Shy Jeffrey Navy 2nd Class Petty Officer
Siegel Robert Samuel Navy LTJG USNR (Korea)
Sieker Dr. Herbert Otto Navy Reserve then US Airforce Captain
Siler Stetson M Air Force Coloinel
Silvestri Megan Navy LT/O-3
Simmer Ronald Army 1LT
Simmons Terry L Army MSG
Simon Jack Army
Singer Kirk Marines Captain
Skeels Frederick Hale Army Air Force WWII
Skorepa Ronald Air Force Colonel (0-6)
Skorepa Ronald Air Force Colonel (0-6)
Slagle William Frederick Navy Commander (O-5)
Slaney Jeffrey Navy lieutenant
Slavin Ann Keller Air Force Major
Sloneker Malcolm L Navy PTR3C
Slutz Damon Navy CDR
Small Danny Navy 3rd class Petty Officer
Smallwood Michael Navy
Smedley III Grant W Navy LCDR
Smith Corwin WWI
Smith Donald Army E5
Smith Gary D Coast Guard
Smith Kenneth D US Airforce Pvt 1st class WWII
Smith Lana Kay Air Force O-3
Smith Larry Navy Commander
Smith Robert Lee WWII
Smith Robert K Army 1LT
Smith Steven S Navy Commander
Smith Willard W Navy WWII
Smith, Jr. William H Navy Civil War
Smyth Brian Navy CDR
Snapp Myron Philip WWII
Snyder Jack Navy Commander
Snyder Stephen Navy Captain
Soika William Army Corporal WWII
Sparkes William Nichols WWII
Spears Richard L Air Force Korean War
Sperry James Walter Marines Lt. Colonel
Stafford Thomas Air Force Staff Sergeant
Stahl Harold Army Staff Sergeant
Stamper James Air Force Major
Stamper William Army Pvt.
Starkey, Jr. Russell B Navy Lt Commander
Stearns Mac Army E-5
Stebbins James Navy Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Stegemiller Earl G Army LtCol
Stegemiller Robert Navy LCDR
Stegna Francis Daniel WWII
Stein Carl Navy Captain O-6
Steiner Harold K Army Pfc
Steiner Kenneth Navy LCDR, USN
Steiner Richard Lee Navy Petty Officer Second Class, Signalman
Steiner (Hurley) Wilda Mae Specialist Q, 3rd Class, Communications, Women's Accepted Volunteer Emergency Services (WAVES)
Stempowski Matthew Navy Lieutenant
Stern Chauncey Air Force
Stevenson John Navy Commander
Stevenson John Navy Commander
Stevenson Marion Marquis Civil War
Stewart James R Civil War
Storch Mark Navy Captain
Storck Dennis Air Force Colonel
Storck Harold Wells
Strasser David Air Force A/1C
Strimple Richard Carl Lacey Army Corporal
Strine Philip F Air Force Major
Strohofer Marc Strohofer Air Force captain
Strong Hiram Civil War
Stroud, Jr. Woodrow W Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Sullivan Brian Navy Lieutenant
Sullivan Kelly Air Force MSGT
Sullivan Patrick Marines Captain
Sunberg Samuel Vietnam War
Susco Joseph Anthony Army 1st sgt
Sutter James F Navy Lt.
Swanson Nicholas Air Force
Sweney Kenneth J.F. WWII
Swenson Paul Army E-5
Sykes Richard Army E-4
Taurman John WWII
Tavenner Richard Air Force Lt Col
Taylor Krista Air Force
Taylor Timothy Army Sergeant
Taylor Robert Roe Navy Captain
Taylor Raymond B Coast Guard BM-1 Boatswain's Mate First Class
Testa Ronald Navy LCDR
Tewel Ken Navy Lt(Lieutenant)
Textor Anne Marriott Air Force Still serving; SSgt(E-5)
Thatcher Andrew Navy LT
Thomas James Air Force Captain
Thomas James Navy LCDR
Thomas Charles W Navy
Thompson Charles D Navy Second Class Petty Officer
Thompson Victor Air Force Major
Thompson Hugh Air Force 2nd Lieutenant
Thompson John Thomas Navy WWII
Thompson Hugh G Air Force 2nd Lieutenant
Thornton Garth Edward Army Air Force WWII
Tilton Hardesty Hodgens WWII
Tipton Alexander Air Force Captain (still in active service)
Tobergte David Navy Lieutenant
Tonkin Charles Navy Commander
Toschlog John Army Sgt. E-5
Towell Jennifer Freimuth Navy Lieutenant, JAGC
Toye Frederick Marines
Traendly Wallace Blake Army
Trew John Elmer WWII
Trout Hermann Kendra Air Force Sr Airman
Trumbull Wilson Chandler WWII
Trupp James Charles Navy LCDR(O-4)
Tsaloff David Army 1st Lt
Tucker Fred Army LTC
Turner William Navy Lieutenant (O-3)
Turvy Roger Marines Captain
Tuttle Joel Infantry Civil War
Unzicker Fred M WWII
Urbano Cynthia Grimshaw Air Force CAPTAIN
Valentine Paul Air Force 1st Lt.
Van Horn M. Lee Army SGT
Van Houten Charles Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Van Liere James Navy LT
Van Orman Max Lee Army WWII
Smith George Van Riper Navy LTJG
Van Zant Jr. Claude Lewis Army Air Force 2 LT WWII
VanZant Jr. Dan Beddoe WWII
Vaux Richard L Army
Victor F Hauberg Army
Vincent Joshua Edward Marines Lieutenant Colonel Iraq
Vincent Leah Chapman Navy Lieutenant
Vitatoe Lee Green Navy
Voorhis Mark Air Force Major
Wahl Jason Marines
Wainwright Jr Stanley D Navy LCDR
Walker Richard Navy Lt. j.g.
Wallens Nathan WWII
Walters David L Navy
Ware Charles McDonald Army WWII
Wasmuth Allen Army Infantry Lieutenant WWII
Watson Donald Air Force Staff Sergeant (E5)
Watterson Dillon WWI
Wayt Sims Navy CDR
Weaver Theodore
Webb Anthony Air Force SSgt.
Webb Michael Army First Lietenant
Weber Neal Edward Air Force Lt Col
Wehr John Leslie Army Sergeant
Weidensaul Daniel Marines Captain
Weikert Paul Robert Army Korea; Japan
Wein Michael Navy Captain
Weir Ted Air Force Lieutenant Colonial
Weisberger Seymour WWII
Welday David Air Force 1st Lt.
Welday Richard Air Force Captain
Wells Michael Alan Marines Vietnam War
Weltmann Alexander Marines
Wertz Robert D Navy Lieutenant Commander
Westfall Vern A Air Force Captain
White Joseph Elroy Air Force 1st Lieutenant
Whitlock Douglas Leitch WWII
Wiant Joseph Waldo Army Air Force WWII
Wilbur Sally Navy CAPT
Wiley John Mount Army Specialist 3
Wiley Joseph H Civil War
Wiley Roger Navy YNCM
Wiley Ronald L Navy Seaman 1st Class
Wilkin Robert A Air force Sergeant (Bomber) WWII
Wilkinson Robert Navy O-3E
Willett John P WWII
Willett Michael Air Force Captain
Williams Neil Army SMSgt
Williams Robert E Army
Williams Myron Ray Air Force Captain
Williams Howard Army corporal, army NG
Williams James Harper Marines WWII
Williams Lawrence A WWII
Williams Neil Air Force E-8 (Senior Master Sergeant)
Williams Gary W Marine
Williamson John Marines
Willis Donald E Air force Captain Vietnam War
Wilmot Adrian Carter Army Korea and Japan
Wilson James A Marines Sgt.
Wilson Spencer H Civil War
Wilton Glenn Warner Paul Navy Lieutennant
Wingate John Army Specialist
Winglewich Paul Kenneth WWII
Woebkenberg Gary Navy Electrician's Mate 2nd Class
Wolfe Robert H WWII
Womer Norman Navy Lt
Wood Donald Edward Air Force Airman First Class
Woodling Cynthia Blair Army Colonel
Woodling Dale Army Colonel
Woods Michael Air Force Capt
Worthington Freddy Air Force 2nd Lt.
Wortley Thomas Marines CORPORAL
Wolterman Brian Air Force Staff Sgt
Woyma Timothy Navy Lieutenant
Wright Carleton J Army Tech.3
Wright David Navy Captain
Wright Terry Air Force 1st LT
Wroblewski Ronald James Marines Captain Vietnam
Wyatt James C Civil War
Yeager Christopher Army Sergeant First Class
Yeung Bradley W Navy LTJG
Yingling James Army WWII
Young Robert K Army PFC
Young Roy M Navy Lieutenant
Younts Robert Chester Air Force 1st Lieutenant
Yovan Stephan Navy Lieutenant Vietnam War
Zahn John Henry WWII
Zant Claude Lewis WWII
Zelna Daniel Air Force Captain
Zelnik Melvin Army
Zemko Ronald Army SP/5
Zemko Ronald Army SP/5
Ziegler Thomas Army Captain
Zimmer Richard Carl Navy Lieutenant
Zimmerman Richard E Marines Corporal
Zugelter Otto J WWII
Zweigle Robert Army SGT. E-5
Zweigle Robert D Army Sergeant E5
Zwissler David Marines Corporal, E4