Continuing Education

Professor Teaching

Continuing Education offers a variety of credit and non-credit programs that that broaden the traditional Miami classroom experience for learners of all ages. You can take a course to get additional or upgraded job skills; explore a creative interest, or keep up with certification requirements. Programs are held on-campus, online, locally and globally.

Credit Workshops

Credit workshops are faculty-initiated programs that fall fall outside of the boundaries of traditional Miami classes. Global Initiatives offers credit workshops of varying lengths and credit hours on campus, in locations throughout Ohio, online, and globally.

Non-Credit Programs

Non-credit programs offer personal or professional skills improvement, job training or career enhancement, or personal enrichment for students of all ages in a format that meets the requirements of the learning experience. Opportunities include online Ed2Go professional development and the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR).

Benefits for Faculty and Staff

Benefits include professional development, personal enrichment, and teaching opportunities. Earn job enrichment credit for skill development, pursue personal interests, or propose an ILR offering, credit workshop, or non-credit program.