Professor Teaching

Summer Term

Heat up your summer by taking a class at Miami! You'll also enjoy these great opportunities:

  • Improve your academic performance and graduate on time.
  • Complete a thematic sequence and reduce your course load.
  • Enhance your Miami education with off-campus courses or online/hybrid offerings. Use this summer to study abroad!
  • Pursue professional development. Earn credits to renew your certificate or license. Stay current with trends, techniques, and technologies.
  • Get creative! Participate in a CraftSummer art program and open yourself to new experiences, new friendships, and revitalize your creative spirit.

Registration for Summer Term is now available.

2017 Summer Term Dates

Full Term: May 16 - August 5

First 6 weeks (T sprint): May 16 - June 24

Last 6 weeks (U sprint): June 26 - August 5

First 8 weeks (V sprint): May 16 - July 8

Last 8 weeks (W sprint): June 12 - August 5

First 4 weeks (X sprint): May 16 - June 10

Middle 4 weeks (Y sprint): June 12 - July 8

Last 4 weeks (Z sprint): July 10 - August 5