Follow Your Heart: Video Transcript

Dr. Scott Pomeroy (Miami, 1975) [Neurologist-in-Chief and Chair of Neurology (Boston's Children Hospital) and Bronson Crothers Professor of Neurology (Harvard Medical School)]: I always feel that when you're thinking about a career in medicine (and for all the pre-med students here at Miami), try to understand where you're going with it. What each step will mean in terms of how your undergraduate education, your work in the laboratory, things that you do subsequently…I did a lot of volunteering work in the hospital — at Cincinnati Children's Hospital — and part of it was, I suppose, so it goes on my resume and credentials or something like that. But I thought, more importantly, it was to instill me with what it's like to be in that environment and to be inspired by the problems and challenges that one faces in medicine.

So I worked in the emergency room and I also worked in the child-life realm, working with children who were ill and sort of play therapy. It was my first exposure to children who were dying and so a very profound experience for me, in that respect.

So, I kind of rounded out my understanding of the world by these experiences and came to have it be part of myself and then I kind of followed my heart (or I tried to any way) in terms of what really got me interested in things that I was doing. So I always encourage the students to think that way, to think about what's exciting to them, and what will take them through the challenges, of which there are many, as you proceed in your career. And I think if you stay focused on goals and things that you love, it makes getting through some of the bumps a lot easier and you'll stick with it.

[February 2011]