Below is a full list of upcoming and ongoing Havighurst Center-related events. See menu on the left to view detailed schedules of our annual lectures and conferences.

FALL 2019  

East to West: Cross-Cultural Connections in the Post-Communist World 



10   David Goldfrank, Georgetown University 
       A Conversation about Russia's Empires
  Upham Hall 127, 1:15pm
       Limited seating

13  Havighurst Center Open House
      Learn more about the events and opportunities provided for students and faculty by the
      Havighurst Center for Russian & Post-Soviet Studies.
      Harrison Hall 322, 10:00am-2:00pm
      Come in anytime! 

16   Havighurst Colloquia Series: Russia’s Intelligentsia: The Curse of Ideas
       Lyubov Golburt, University of California, Berkeley
       The Public Sphere in Catherine the Great’s Russia: Where to Look for It
       Harrison Hall 202, 11:40am

23   Alisa Moldavanova, Wayne State University
       Democracy in Foresight? The Thorny Path of Civil Society and Nonprofit Sector
       Development in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia
       Upham Hall 163, 11:30am

26    Victoria Smolkin, Wesleyan University
        A Sacred Space is Never Empty:  A History of Soviet Atheism
        Upham Hall 209, 1:15pm
        co-sponsored by the Humanist club 

26    Michael Bess, Vanderbilt University
        Misreading History: Why So Many People (Including Me) Failed to Foresee the
        Revolution of 1989
        Upham Hall 001, 4:30pm
        co-sponsored by the Departments of GRAMELAC, History, and Global
        and International Studies and by the Humanities Center


 1    Susan Smith-Peter, CSI CUNY
       Imagining Russian Regions 
       Upham Hall 127, 1:15pm
       Limited seating

    Havighurst Colloquia Series: Russia’s Intelligentsia: The Curse of Ideas
        David Powelstock, Brandeis University
        Who is the Man from Underground?
        Harrison Hall 202, 11:40am

9       Havighurst Center Annual Lecture
         Roza Otunbayeva, former President of Kyrgyzstan
         A Discussion with Roza Otunbayeva
         Harry T. Wilks Theater, Armstrong Center, 4:30pm

15     Ruta Sepetys, Lithuanian-American author of Between Shades of Gray     
         A Conversation with the Author
         Harry T. Wilks Theater, Armstrong Center, 1:15pm

22     Justine Quijada, Wesleyan University
         Buddhists, Shamans and Soviets: Making History through Rituals in Siberia         
         Upham Hall 209, 1:15pm

28       Havighurst Colloquia Series: Russia’s Intelligentsia: The Curse of Ideas 
           Josefina Lundblad-Janjic, University of California, Santa Cruz
           “The Writer’s Duty”: Shalamov and the Fate of the Intelligentsia in the Gulag       
           Harrison Hall 202, 11:40am

29      Michael Denner, Stetson University
          The T on Georgia
          Upham Hall 209, 1:15pm


4         Morgan Liu, The Ohio State University
           Can the Rich and Powerful Actually Work for the Common Good?:
           Thoughts from Central Asia           

           Harrison Hall 302, 4:30pm
           co-sponsored by the Humanist club 

11        Havighurst Colloquia Series: Russia’s Intelligentsia: The Curse of Ideas
            Eliot Borenstein, New York University
            Putin’s Publics: Conspiracy, Conformity and the Conservative Turn
            Harrison Hall 202, 11:40am

18        Sergiu Musteață, Ion Creanga State Pedagogical University
            The Moldovan Truth Commission: A New Approach for the Study and
            Remembrance of Soviet History

            Harrison Hall 204, 4:30pm
            co-sponsored by the Department of Education