Support the Limper Geology Museum

The central mission of the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum is to enhance the educational experience of our undergraduate students by providing context- and specimen-rich displays centered on fundamental aspects of geology (and other natural sciences) that connect to and transcend the classroom environment. Specifically, the museum highlights (1) the geologic history of southwestern Ohio through displays of locally-collected materials, and (2) fundamental geological concepts through displays that provide a broad, global geologic perspective. This range of displays emphasizes our current understanding of the history and dynamic nature of the earth and illustrates the broad societal impact of earth science contributions.

A secondary mission of the Museum is to provide learning experiences through outreach efforts, directed at local schools and the general public, in order to extend the impact of Museum resources to the local community. The museum is also dedicated to the proper handling and preservation of the fossil, rock, and mineral collections.

The Limper Museum is supported in part by the Karl E. Limper Geology Museum Fund. The annual distribution from this endowed fund supports museum infrastructure and activities.

There are several ways you can help us.

Unrestricted Gifts

These gifts allow the Museum to apply your gift to the area of greatest need.

Designated Gifts

  • Gifts of rock, fossil, or mineral specimens or collections to the Limper Museum to support our displays and augment the scientific value of our collections
  • Grants to offset the cost of purchasing specimens to enhance specific museum displays or collections
  • Grants to offset the costs of designing, implementing, and maintaining specific museum displays
  • Grants to provide for transportation costs for field trips to the Limper Museum by local primary and secondary school students
  • Grants to offset the costs of supplying souvenirs to primary school student visitors to the Limper Museum
  • Scholarships to recruit the very best students to attend Miami and to reward excellence at Miami

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