Assessing the Quality of Caregiver Support Services

August 2, 2006


  • Robert A. Applebaum
  • Suzanne R. Kunkel
  • Shawn Davis
  • Kathryn McGrew
  • Ian "Matt" Nelson
The project’s primary objective was to design and test an outcome-focused system for quality monitoring of caregiver-support services based largely on input from caregivers themselves.

The project emphasizes that the essential components of an outcome-focused quality monitoring system differ markedly from more traditional systems that lend themselves to more easily measured structural information, such as: licensure, hours of in-service training, and number of service units delivered. While structural and process-oriented information is necessary, it is not sufficient. A solid quality system for caregiver-support services must focus on the caregivers themselves.

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Full Report (PDF 646KB)


  • Families/Caregiving
  • Quality Assurance