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What Is Anthropology?

Anthropology is a holistic, interdisciplinary science of humanity. It is the study of people--their origins, adaptations and ecology, distribution, customs, languages, and social and religious beliefs. Anthropological study includes the prehistoric past as well as the global present, indigenous peoples as well as cosmopolitan migrants, the customs of ancient civilizations as well as the beliefs of peoples today and the study of our evolutionary relatives, the non-human primates.

Anthropology at Miami emphasizes holistic approach to learning through experiences in a wide variety of courses, independent studies, and field research. The core courses lay a foundation in biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology. From there, you build knowledge and understanding in areas of your own interests. Students in anthropology are encouraged to study abroad and to participate in both Miami-based and international learning experiences.

The Four-Field Approach

Our teaching is rooted in the traditional four field approach to anthropology. Here, we ensure that students receive instruction that encompasses archaeology as well as biological, linguistic and cultural anthropology. Learn more about this interdisciplinary approach to learning.

More Questions?

Faculty will be glad to discuss your personal interests and answer questions about their teaching and research. Contact us at anthropology@miamioh.edu. Individual appointments can be made at any time. Join our Anthropology Facebook page and ask some of our current students what they love about anthropology.