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Each fall and spring semester, 400-500 Miami students take a course from the Department of Comparative Religion. Some of these students are majoring or minoring in the study of religion, but most are satisfying a requirement of the Global Miami Plan, the College of Arts and Science, or the Farmer School of Business.

When you take coursework in religion at Miami, you gain knowledge and skills that enhance your intercultural competence—your ability to work with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds and to address challenges or opportunities in your field that arise from living in a world where people have different beliefs, values, and ways of life. In addition, our department's courses are designed to develop your skills in writing, critical reading, and critical thinking.

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Your options for studying religion at Miami

Depending on how intensively you want to expand your knowledge and experience in this area, you could incorporate the study of religion into your career preparation in any of these ways:

  • Take religion courses to satisfy Miami Plan or CAS requirements.
  • Use a religion course to satisfy the FSB diversity requirement.
  • Spend a J-term studying abroad in Oman and UAE, where you'll observe the intersections of religion, business, and society in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Complete a 9-hour Thematic Sequence on either "Religion in American Life" or "Thinking through Problems in Religion."
  • Complete an 18-hour minor in the study of religion in society.
  • Complete a 42-hour major in the study of religion in society—an interdisciplinary course of study designed to work well as a second major.