Two degrees are offered: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. For the Bachelor of Science, choose one of two majors: mathematics or mathematics and statistics.

The A.B. in Mathematics requires all sections of the College of Arts and Science Requirement (CAS), while the B.S. has only the language requirement. Each program has the related hours requirement. All MTH and STA courses applied to your program, and all courses in the 12-hour section of the related hours, must be taken for grades, not credit/no-credit. In the MTH and STA courses, your GPA must be at least 2.00. Service courses do not figure into your GPA unless explicitly approved by the department.

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Teacher Licensure

Students who wish to combine teacher licensure with a major in the Department of Mathematics should apply for admission to a licensure cohort in the College of Education, Health and Society. For information, contact the Office of Student Services, 202 McGuffey Hall, 513-529-6418.

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Additional Notes for all MTH/STA Degree Programs

1. Mathematics and Statistics majors who plan to seek jobs in business and industry should be aware that such employers often look favorably upon related courses in systems analysis, natural science, economics, accounting, and finance. Statistics and other applied mathematics courses are also recommended. Computer literacy is highly desirable if not indispensable. It is often acquired independently of formal course work and includes such things as word processing and spreadsheets. See also the section on Related Courses. 

2. MTH 421 and 441 should not be taken at the same time unless your advisor grants special permission. 

3. Students preparing to pursue graduate work in mathematics are advised to complete: MTH 421, 422 and MTH 441.

4. A student planning further study in statistics should minimally complete STA 301, 401, and 463. MTH 441 is also desirable for students preparing to pursue graduate work in statistics. 

5. It is a general policy that a student who has done advanced work in Mathematics and Statistics cannot enroll for credit in lower level courses with similar subject material. In particular, students with experience in 400 level mathematics courses such as 421, 441, or 438 will not generally be permitted to enroll in MTH 331.

Exceptions require the prior approval of the CDA.