Graduate Student Seminars

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 Psychrophilic algae
 Broth cultures
 A gloved hand reaches toward the incinerator, labeled 'Caution Hot'
Fluorescent bacteria
 Microbes infecting cells
 Fluorescent viruses
 Antarctic research
Goldwater scholar at work in the lab

MBI 690 Seminars
Spring  2022

Pearson Hall Room 218
Mondays @ 4:15 pm

February 28

Madison Kimbrel
Influence of Heterotrophs on Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria

March 7

Zoe Dapore
Impact of hydrogen peroxide on Mycoplasma pneumoniae biofilms

March 14

Bradley Krzysiak
Sensitivity of Antarctic Lake Microbial Consortia to Environmental Disturbances

March 21

No Seminar - Spring Break

March 30- Wednesday

Devon Popson
The impact of adaptation and stress acclimation on the high light stress response of Chlamydomonas priscuii

April 4

Malory Wolfe 
Examining the Role of FCRL1 in Terminal Differentiation of B cells and Immunity

April 11

Kristina Gara
Understanding P1 Protein Interactions in the Mycoplasma pneumoniae Attachment Organelle

April 18

Shaun Jiang
Realizing Robust Photosynthesis through Accelerated Evolution

April 25

No Seminar this week

May 4- Wednesday

Roshan Timsina
Investigating quaternary amine degradation pathways in human gut and environment

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